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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Believe Tonight, Forever

Hi dear friend and followers. Today is poem day and I have a poem for you about believing. Take five minutes, relax and enjoy the read. 

Believe Tonight, Forever

It was time for sleep, so she went to her room.

She stood in the open window that night,

just as she had a thousand nights before.

The southerly breeze fluttered the lacy, white curtains;

they moved like ghosts in her small, dark room.

She looked out, then sighed, in detachment,

and turned toward her bed for sleep;

that was when she heard her name,

whispered so softly, nearly inaudible.

She looked around the window,

but no one was to be seen.

With heavy eyelids she turned once more,

to lie in her bed and finish her day.

Once more the whisper came, softly.

She turned again to the familiar window.

At first all she saw was the ghost-like curtains,

aflutter on the southerly breeze,

illumined by a faint glow,

like that from a full moon.

Then another whisper, but not to fear!

Back to the sash she went to look.

“Someone knows my name, so late at night.”

A gust then blew and ruffled her hair;

for the briefest of moments she could not see.

She brushed it aside; was she in a dream?

No more in her bedroom, or even the house,

she was among the stars; they shone all about!

Great and small, near and far,

she was in a galaxy of stars.

And at its center was a magnificent sight,

the likes of which one might see in their dreams -

and most likely never will again in her lifetime.

A being emitting such a bright blue light

that did not burn or consume it at all,

not like the stars, which consumed all about them.

The being of light transformed itself before her,

as they stood face-to-face in a field of stardust.

He looked like a prince in the raiment of light.

His robes were the flaming blue!

Unlike any other prince she had ever seen.

Fog lay over the place where they stood;

so thick it was, that all she could see

was the island of stardust upon which they stood.

The being now took a human form;

A handsome man was he, in blue and white robes.

She saw that in his frosty blue eyes,

the blue flame still flickered within.

With his right hand he gestured,

“Come and follow me.”

Not a word was spoken. None were needed.

Both minds and hearts were the same.

The fog thinned and faded away.

Then she saw the most beautiful of landscapes.

The sky was of teal, the land's flowers a rainbow;

the rivers and lakes were of turquoise.

They flew over a great canyon,

over the mountains and down into a valley,

into shades of purple, blue, and green;

to a fortress structure with tall, golden spires.

It appeared from out of nowhere

on a hillside before them.

Within, a multitude wandered

to and fro the cathedral size rooms.

Some of the forms she noticed

appeared to be but shadow figures,

others, more solid, like herself she thought.

Seen from within the rooms were infinite,

Just like the universe outside its walls.

The moon could be seen in its eastern arches

and the sun in the western ones

as though there was no passing of time there.

They entered another cathedral room

this with a high, pillared dome,

through which could be seen

all the stars and galaxies,

of all sizes and colors they provided

the illumination of this cathedral room.

“Heaven knows not the darkness, all is light,” she thought.

They sat at large, heavily-ornamented table,

complete with the tall backed matching chairs.

After the being sat,

he said through my thoughts,

“What you have seen are souls in transit,

and this place is the pool

for all sentient beings

at different stages of being;

Some will return to continue their journey

learning about the value of the life, essence, or spirit.

Others will evolve and move

into the higher plains of learning.

But I have come to tell you

of troubling times in your future.

After we are done with this meeting

you will not remember it;

Not until the time of your awakening.

This is the temple of love and life.

Someday, at your journey's end

you shall return here.”

While sitting in the chair she felt a feeling,

feeling so secure and loved,

like being bathed in warm, golden summer sun.

She drifted on the aroma of the many blooms.

She trusted this being with all her heart.

As her heavy eyelids fell

she was adrift as though,

floating at sea in a raft.

She heard him call.

She smiled as she heard

his soft thoughts in her mind.

Her eyes fluttered open, their eyes met.

Softly he spoke, for the first time in human voice

“It is time to go back,” he told her.

She did not want to go back.

She knew this was home;

there was never any other.

She only desired

to remain at his side

to serve

Quickly she stood and took his hand,

traveling back through the lands of in-between;

she savored the trip, at his side.

A deep love she had for him; tears traced her cheeks

at the thoughts that they would have to be apart

while she returned to her world.

Thoughts came through her mind again,

his thoughts assuring her that he would never be far.

If he was needed he would be there, but in spirit only.

But she would know, because they will always be

together in the heart.

They laughed playfully as they flew,

through clouds of glowing nebula gas.

The morning had arrived as she lay in bed

listening to the birds.

The experience of the night before faded

like it had only been a dream.

But the light being she never forgot.

Written by Cynthia

Thank you for taking interest and reading this poem. You are also invited to share your thoughts and comments, they are greatly appreciated. Thank you and have a wonderful day

In Loving Light from the Fairy Lady

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