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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Hi dear friends and followers, today I have a poem for you named, The Calling. It is about desire, longing and about the heart  

The Calling

What is there within is that compels us to go

to another land or place in time?

Some may call it the Land Beyond.

It is not a physical place like this is,

but is as real as one's mind wants it to be.

A desire, a craving for a place greener and brighter

than the dullness and hopelessness of our daily life;

we seek to leave the world we presently reside in.

We dream of the day when the flood gates will be opened,

and true freedom shall be found

in a land where love reigns supreme;

where there is not pain or suffering, a land of magic,

where nothing from the heart or mind is denied to you.

Dream at the gates of the day? Alluring in it's beauty,

between earth and sky, it is never far away;

Because it resides in your heart,

the land of no yesterdays or tomorrows.

The calling beckons you onward,

to a destination with no end,

in the land of no yesterday or tomorrows.

Alluring it calls for those who seek the realm of yon,

Where from the many trails of adventure may you choose;

On horseback, by boat; by car or truck;

even on foot with knapsack, ye may seek!

The calling within you will entice you to go

to the land of no yesterdays or tomorrows.

A calling so great that it fiercely beats within,

like an untamed beast, roaring in a cage.

Set it free in the wilderness of the soul!

Let us go to the land between heaven and earth!

Have you ever stood in the silence,

deepest in the dead of night?

Vast is the horizon to behold at the dawn of the day.

The desires you have striven for

now rest deep within your heart;

so will it be, in the land of the calling,

the land of no yesterdays or tomorrows;

A valley of dreams, where all wishes come true!

You ascend to the heights; you fly by night;

under the moon and stars, to your true delight,

shining and sparkling, like a valley of dreams.

The land of beyond resides

in your heart and your mind;

all things are possible

if governed by the heart.

Follow the calling of the heart.

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ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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