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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Hi dear friends and followers, thank you for dropping by, Today is Wednesday, poem day. I wish to present to you another Poem titled, Pandora's Enchantment. So take five and relax and have a read. Enjoy

Pandora's Enchantment 

Upon the side of the highway she sat,
fragile and scared to those who would see.
On the side of that worn and dirty road she sat,
waiting for the one she knew would be coming.
A dark form appeared, astride a swift horse.
His poncho-like hat gathered the dew 
of the early morning's mist
running down the rim in tiny rivulets 
that dropped,
then traced their way down his back;
he shivered slightly at their coldness.

Ahead he saw a dark form beside the road and
instantly his sword was freed from its sheath. 
He stopped his horse and came to the ground.
Sword still in hand, with caution approached.

A woman he found; he could hear her sobs.
Upon one knee he knelt, with sword aside,
with his right hand gently on her knee, he spoke:
"My lady, how may I assist you?"
Her crystal tears sparkled 
in the early morning's light,
as they traced their way 
down her alabaster cheeks.
So sad she looked; Prince Aledine's heart melted.
He took her hand and drew it to him,
then gently pressed his lips upon it.
In tones so soft, scarce could she hear, he said,
"I am Aledine. son of Deluca's king.
I was on my way when I saw you here.
How may I assist you, my lady?" 
he inquired again, a bit dismayed.
A feeling made it's way through him,
spectral, like a ghost or wraith of something unseen.
Once more in that morning Prince Aledine shivered;
and as quickly as the feeling had come, it vanished.
The woman, wearing a black cape and hood, stood up;
she took his hand as she pulled back the hood.
Her tears appeared to possess an energy of their own;
her beauty filled him with enchantment.
She both mesmerized and befogged him

with her beauty. 
Their lips pressed together
He was floating in a sea of honey!
He found himself seduced by her emerald eyes.
He knew that he had entered an unknown land,
and for his coming close 
she now owned his soul.
For allowing her to seduce him
the curse had been fulfilled.
Never could he return to his kingdom 
and be prince of the beloved people.
He would be forever roaming the moors,
wandering like a lost soul without home,
He knew that he must never make contact with his people
or his curse would befall them, too.
His soul was now hers for as long as it pleased her.
She was a white gem against the deepest night,
her eyes like emeralds with an inner light of their own.
He wished only to partake of the sweetness of her fragrance. 
Red hair framed her face and cascaded down her back;
her heart-shaped lips gleamed in the first light of dawn.
She took him away on that fateful morning.
They stopped but once along the way,
Speaking with but one before leaving for eternity.

To the wizard of Deluca, one of the greatest in the land,
the prince gave his last report;
 whilst she lingered in the court.
They left quietly, 
riding two horses.
No one paid any mind to the lady and the prince 
that night, failing to see anything out of place
leaving through the main gate to the kingdom of Deluca,
they rode off into the dark.
Never to be seen again;
only one man knew, twas the wizard of Deluca.
She buried her beauty back under her cloak,
as they rode off into the dark forest of Lure.
That night they lay under the trees,

she removed her cloak and tunic to reveal herself.
His passion flared, as her predatory instincts arose.
Soon her body turned into a horrid beast.
His passion died as he blanched at the apparition
that stood before him. 
He felt the life in him wither 
like a bloom in late fall,
his very soul shriveled and retreated.
He knew now who she was - 
Pandora, the enchantress, queen of the dark abyss.
The clawed finger of the beast stood close enough
for him to smell the pungent decay typical of the moors.
Now adorned in mosses and lichen, she stood,
legs slightly apart, a haze-like a mist,
arose around her, pointed towards another path.
He would not go further lest his soul be damned.
Condemned to forever wander 

the moors at night,
with the beast queen, Pandora's, curse. 
Not always had she been the queen of the moors.
For once long ago she had been a princess. 
And she was to be wed 
to the most handsome prince of the land.
But she had been removed from her kingdom,
and condemned to exile, never to return.
This was her long sought revenge,
to retake the realm which was once hers.
He took a blade and pressed it against her skin, 
The beast waved it's finger, then bent down 
and swooped the knife from his shaking hand.
When he awoke she was nowhere to be seen.
Confident was she he would remain 
unconscious for a while.
she went roaming the moors 
to search of more unwary souls.

He was up on his feet, although a little unsteady. 
He knew where he had to go, but it was not easy.
For the trail was uneven and not clearly marked. 
But he continued to stagger and run when he could, 
quickly, now, quickly, 
through the thick brush!
He was surprised to find she had left his sword 
leaning against a tree.
He thrashed his way through the brush with his sword.
Finally he could go no more
and fell to the ground.

A soft green light drifted through the woods,
lighting the grove where he lay.
A delicate hand brushed his cheek.
Prince Aledine awoke 
and opened his eyes suddenly,
then shot up to his feet, sword in hand;
standing, or rather, hovering in the air,
were three small beings 
radiating the calm green light
Composed by Cynthia. 
To be continued
Thank you again for dropping by and taking a few minutes to read my poem. I would appreciate knowing what your thoughts are on it, thank you and have a wonderful Sunday.

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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