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Friday, 21 November 2014

It's Frizzy Lizzy time

Hi dear friends and followers, Today is Saturday, Frizzy Lizzy at your service. Take five, relax and enjoy. {:o)

Come on in and sit down, Susan, and leave your boots on the mat by the door, OK? Yes, I have one there. I did not think that I would need on so early in the year. It's still only autumn but we have the snow, don't we? What's that? Do I have any coffee ready? Is a bluebird blue? Sure, I do. Pour yourself a cup and get a chair and have a fresh peanut butter cookie!

What do you think of all of that snow in Buffalo? Can you imagine, 7 feet of snow in some places? I haven's seen a snow job like that since Nixon was running for president!

And now it's cold after all of that snow. The low temperature is bad enough but the wind chill factor makes it that much worse, don't you think? It has been so cold for the last couple of days! How cold has it been? It's been colder than a Republican's heart, that's how cold it's been! It's so cold that when I shiver, I shake like a jelly donut at a Weight Watchers meeting!

Charley saw my Roomba - oh, come on, Susan, you know what a Roomba is, don't you? It's one of those automatic things that you just start it up and it automatically vacuum cleans the floor in the room while you do something that's more fun. Yes, it's low, flat, and round and looks like a flying saucer.

Anyway, Charlie saw mine and he got into looking at the catalogs on-line and guess what he found? He found a snow thrower that will automatically go along a pre-programmed course and clean a path in the snow. Oh, I don't know how the damn thing works, but it's supposed to go wherever you send it and come back to you.

Well, Charlie set his up with all the fancy computer controls and set it to work on his sidewalks and driveways while he sat inside and watched the football game. He was so sure that it was going to work right that he had a bag of chips and a beer open, and his shoes off. He knew that it was going to stop right in front of the house.

Well, he gets into the game and he doesn't see that 5 minutes go by, then 15 minutes, and finally a half-hour and no snow thrower. Charley looks out the door and he sees a path: just one single lane where the whole walk and drive should have been done.

So he gets dressed and goes out to find his snow thrower. He goes 1 block. He goes 2 blocks, then 3 block. The snow thrower is working like a champ, but where in creation is it? It sure isn't on Charley's front sidewalk.

Finally, in the third block he finds it, working its little pistons out, cleaning the parking lot at the Chinese carry-out restaurant! To add all sorts of insult to injury the damn thing is almost done with the lot when Charley stops it to check it and sees that it's almost out of gas, too, and he has no gas can with him!

So there he is, fresh out of his den from a football game, almost four blocks away from his home, in the parking lot of the New China Gourmet Carry-out, the lot cleaned courtesy of his automatic snow thrower, and no way in hell of getting it home without bringing his noisy diesel truck and a ramp and some gas to make it go up the ramp, you get the picture?

So what does Charley do? He pulls the snow thrower up next to the door and goes inside and tells the owner what just happened. The owner must be a pretty good guy because he gave Charley a bowl of egg drop soup for his efforts!

American Thanksgiving Day is coming this week, on Thursday. I wish all of you a very Happy and Heartfelt Thanksgiving Day! Enjoy your dinner and celebrate with your family and let the shopping go until Friday.

So what has Charley done with the snow thrower? Well, Susan, he might be seeing a lawyer about the fool machine. It went off course and got into his flower bed, where it got below the snow and pulled out his spring tulip bulbs and some stones and began to throw them along with the snow. Seems that it threw one of those stones a little too far and it broke the windshield on his neighbor's car. No, not that neighbor, the one who thinks all of Charley's power tools make too much noise as it is!

You're right, all men have their strange ways. Sure, they all seem normal until you marry one of them! Up to now I was sure that they were useful for two things: mowing the lawn in the summer and clearing the snow off the walk in the winter.

As for bed - just invest in a lot of safety pins so he can't pull the covers off. Yes, and with this being football season he's already talking about having a Super Bowl party. Well my idea of a super bowl is a self-cleaning toilet!

You want another coffee while I'm up, Susan?

Thank you for dropping by and taking a few minutes to read this. I would appreciate knowing what your thoughts are on it, thank you and have a wonderful day.
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ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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