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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

I am the Christmas Fairy.

Hi dear friends and followers. today I have a Christmas poem for you composed by me. Thank you for being here, have a great read.

I am the Christmas Fairy.
I flew on the wind and billowing snow;

I landed atop a noble fir tree,
upon a branch; I looked all about.
No wand or golden crown do I wear.
I just glow a bright blue,

like a sparkling star in the midnight sky.
And everything I see,
everywhere I look,
is covered in a blanket of pristine snow,
made all sparkly by the silvery moon above.
On gossamer wings I flew,
to a home nearby I flew,

with windows all lit in a warm, yellow glow!
Through one window I saw
the pretty colored lights, 
and the cards with colorful images,
all hung on the wall.
Stockings hung over the hearth-place,

And Christmas-time treats,
all laid out 
for visitors, when they call. 
I heard children's voices,
so I hid behind the drain pipe.
I heard the Christmas carols sweet, 
reverberate on the frosty air.
From the drain pipe I flew,
to the other side of the home.
I saw a window with a dim, little light.
To that window I hurried
to see what was within.
A single lamp was lighted,
and it barely lit the room;

and on bed away from the window's wall
a child lay, still, and barely awake.
Up I sailed, and onto the roof;
down the chimney I went, and into the house.
I found the room where the child lay in bed.
"Soon there will be another who will come
to this very same chimney," I thought.
I approached the child silently;
I hovered and glowed,
and now my glow was many colors,
like the pretty lights on the tree!

The room flashed in multi-colors.
The child opened her eyes and my, 
how they gleamed
reflecting the colors on my light!
The child smiled and sat-up in her bed.
I motioned to her to join the others;
I followed her closely behind.
But of course no one else could see me,
except for the child whose eyes still dazzled.

She surprised everyone
as she stepped into the room.
She jumped into her mother's arms,

that was something that she was not able to do,
or so it had been for a number of months
since she was taken ill, with what, who knew?
Everyone was so excited to see the girl walk,
to be able to share in the joy and good cheer!
Before I flew to the top of the tree
to twinkle and sparkle and be a part 
of their Christmas, too, 
to the little girl I said,
and not another heard,
"I will always be here for you.
Do not forget that
if you should ever need me."
The bright glow vanished,
As I flew away.
The original occupant of the tree,

a tinsel fairy, adorned its top.
A little while later I watched as Santa Claus,
hefted a big bag over his shoulder,
and down that same chimney he went
bringing joy and cheer that others could see,
and to share the joy that only healing can bring.

Composed by Cynthia ©

I hope that you have enjoyed this poem. My Merry Christmas to you. Thank you again for reading, and do share your thoughts with us. have a great rest of the week

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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