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Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Christmas Tree

Hi dear friends and followers. today I have a wonderful Christmas poem for you composed by jon gutmacher. The Christmas Tree. Thank you for being here, have a great read.

The Christmas Tree

by jon gutmacher

They didn’t have much money.
He’d been out of work three months.
The kids wore clothes the shelter gave,
but every night they ate.

Around a table that was so old
but sturdy, none-the-less,
t’was food for all, but meager fare
to them it was the best.

For while some things were really tough
and the world not always kind,
they had each other every night,
their love the thing that binds

And just before they ate their meal
they all held hands and prayed
to thank the Lord for what they had
through Him
each one was saved

And when the Christmas season . . .
came joyfully to the year
they pooled their meager money
for a tree to bring them cheer

And then the lights came out the box
one string – they could afford
but each light shined
and brought them joy
and closer to
their Lord

One night the lights did flicker
all over on that tree
and each of them was worried 
until their mom did see

an angel looking through the glass
of a window covered with snow;
and a tear rolled down the angel's face
and suddenly they knew

that God would never leave them,
and as bad as things could be,
He would always make sure
things were right,
if only just a tree.

And suddenly the lights on the tree
shone bright beyond compare!
And the angel smiled at each of them
and warmth was everywhere!

And on the next day following 
a letter came by mail;
the job dad sought was finally his
he’d be back working without fail.

It wasn’t much for many folks
but for them it was so great
a salary to help pay the bills
even if he had to work late.

And a bell rang on the tree
just then, like magic, if that be.
And the angel smiled
from far away
at the beauty of the tree.

I hope that you have enjoyed this poem. My Merry Christmas to you. Thank you again for reading, and do share your thoughts with us. have a great Monday
ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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