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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Wings of Love

Hi dear friends and followers, today I have a poem for you, titled;
The Wings of Love

"Alvers, so fair, so good and so radiant,
Where have you gone, O Queen of the misty lands?"
"You just vanished from your throne in middle of the night
Where art thou, our dearest, loving queen?,"
the forlorn prince asks as he rest in the grass,
his back to a log at the edge of the wagon trail

She sits on high, upon a mountain's summit;
surrounded by snow in a place only she can go.
And there on high is her frozen solace;
only here, with the sighing of the wind is peace.
She wonders now if she will miss the life 
she left behind in the valley below.
If life could be in the warmth of sunlight,
with singing birds and aromatic blooms,
as she walked on the sun-warmed sand of the beach, 
cooled by incoming breezes of the sea,
holding the hand of the one whom she loved - 
It is he that she shall miss to the end;
now lost, gone, never to return,
or so she had been told 
by all who searched for him.
If she, could not have him then no other would.
That, she had determined was their fate.
Now she wanders frigid landscapes where snowflakes swirl
and gather round as the lonely wind moans,
at times howling like a vengeful banshee,
pulling at the gown of the ghostly figure
sitting on a rock atop a mountain's crags.
As she mourns the loss of her beloved
her howls of sorrow mingle with those of the wind.
The path that leads back is covered 
and lost in the perpetually-falling snow.
Condemned she was, to sit in solitude,
blending in with her surroundings,
becoming crag and flake and ice.
Piles of snow, drifts higher and higher,
deeper, and deeper, and more frozen 
with each passing second of her tears.
Forever in this frozen land
she and her secrets will always keep.
She stirs and looks at the whiteness all 'round;
The bright and sparkling virginal snow.
Above is the weak yet golden sun,
making blue and purple shadows
lengthening in the fading afternoon light.
Its lines invade a perfect face 
and memories once again are astir
as she thinks of her lost beloved,
in the moors in the valley below.
It was then within her heart she felt
the need to go back to whence she came,
to see for herself her loved one's last stand.
She that the only answer to take
was the one she found with her own two eyes,
to see for herself if it was indeed true
that her lover had perished in the storm, 
a prisoner of the misty moors.

She stood up with resolve, and as she did,
A whirlwind arose with no cause apparent.
On a clear afternoon, in the day's fading light,
a blizzard blew in with snow all around!
And into her room the winds came with great force
and tossed her about like she was merely a child. 
When the gales left her keep and
the whirlwinds dissipated,
there stood a figure with her head bent down,
as though in prayer or meditation.
Alvers was shaken but collected her wits.
She raised her head toward the setting sun
revealing her finely sculpted face, 
with pale blue eyes and brows of white,
framed by pure white hair that upon her bosom fell.
It was then she noticed she had been given a gift;
A gift to help her in her quest for truth.
She had the confidence of one convinced of right,
and the daring of one still in their youth.
She felt her back and the great wings it bore
and assumed that she had the power to fly!
The air rushed past her face as she beat those wings
to be certain she was not dreaming the fool.
Then outside she went, into the snowy courtyard.
She spread out her great white wings and
In two of their beats she was in the air!
Down the mountain side she flew,
down to the valley below to search
the dreadful moors for her loved one lost.

She found him there, lying by the river,
more dead than alive, or so it would seem.
She came to him and held him and cradled his head;
A golden glow of light erupted around them,
the glow as warm as a summer day's sun.
Slowly he came to, and embraced her warmly.
And there they stayed, for a frozen moment,
each making sure that the other was real,
and checking to see in which world they were. 
But no matter the world, their hearts were full,
Lovers united by the sheer force of love - 
And a magnificent pair of fairy's wings.
Composed by Cindy©

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ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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