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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Merging of Souls

Merging of souls

Hi dear friends and followers, welcome to my blog. Here we can travel to anywhere in imagination, Today I am taking you on one of those trips. Take five, relax and enjoy. 

My place of birth

From the depth of the darkness of the void I came,

between the ripples of silence and the waves of chaos.

From the shadows slipping in and out of the blinding light,

flashes followed by impenetrable darkness,

came a howling of dust and tempest so strong

that I felt it take pieces of me, bits at a time!

Then the darkness fell and I saw a void,

made magnificent by myriad pinpoints of light,

all framed by brilliant and massive formations,

in hues of the rainbow that one might see here.

Beneath those lights I turned and weaved,

moving like a shadow in the dark of night.

Across many alien skies I flew;

The Earth beneath me turns living blue.

It is that blue that drew my attention;

That hue, and the other mind calling for me,

calling for me from the blue surface below.

It is the mind of a child that connects with mine!

Swooping down, I looked for the child.

I am drawn to looking, in a hypnotic state;

This one tiny voice had connected with me;

Since the birth of my consciousness, a child,

a child of the Earth beckons for me!

She is a young girl who lay in her bed in a daydream,

her mind where the dragons, the fairies and the elves reside;

In a magic land where whatever can be, is;

Where one can be whatever is their heart's desire.

Reaching through the great unseen,

the girl could touch another's soul.

I was on my way and soon I would be there.

Stars sparkled and comets streaked,

illuminating the darkened sky above.

A gigantic shadow shaded the brilliant moon;

so large was the form that glided through the night,

A shadow unseen against the sky so black,

descending and displacing the air around it,

like the wake of a swift-moving ship at sea.

She lay curled up and cozy, hugging her favorite doll,

about to drift into sleep until her room suddenly glowed!

It glowed phosphorescently with an energy that filled it,

like Saint Elmo's fire before the storm!

The phosphoric glow slowly faded to black

and the room became suddenly very, very dark.

Then through the window flooded a brilliance once more;

Running to the window, with doll in hand,

the girl looked out and was staggered by what she saw.

Then back to the window she came again, warily;

her eyes grew as wide as her mouth was agape!

There in the back yard she saw the form

of a dragon, but larger than any she had ever imagined.

She strained looking up from the bedroom window,

to see its head so far above her home,

taller than the house, taller than the trees!

Fear had left her when she climbed out her window

to go into the yard to look at the great dragon that was there.

She bowed and said, “welcome, great dragon, to my home.”

Star Dragon talked with its mind, and said, 

“I have felt your daydreams; I have come for you.”

"For me?” “Oh yes, for you alone.”

“I always knew you would come, Star Dragon!”

She climbed up onto my dark green back

and found it warm, not cold, to her touch,

as one might expect from the cold of space.

Two great beats of my wings bore us aloft,

Over the city, and farm, fields, forests, and mountains.

Up we went! Up and up and up!

My tiny passenger clung to my back

as we left the planet's enveloped atmosphere.

And there on my back was the girl, still clinging to her doll.

She marveled at the vista of stars of all sizes,

some still cradled within their nebulous birthplace;

All about was bathed in starlight from galaxies plenty;

the great clouds of dust she saw to be swirling around us.

I flew us through a cloud of stardust

that sparkled and glowed of its own inner energy,

like the plankton at sea or fireflies in the forest.

Never-ending it seemed, we soared into the heavens,

with child of Earth on my back, we flew,

like tiny jewels the myriad of galaxies

sparkling and twinkling like immense necklaces made for a goddess.

Like jewels they shined and reflected in my eyes,

The stars from which I had been spawned,

and was nurtured and kept in their astral company,

into my maturing years, till it was time to leave the nest.

Even as I searched the universe for her,

never did I turn back.

Now we fly as one.
Composed by Cynthia ©

Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. have a great Week.
ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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