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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Are Empaths Psychic Vampires?

Are Empaths Psychic Vampires?
by Lorna Tedder · in

Hi dear friends and followers. The introduction to today's entry is from my own experience. Thank you for following my blog.

A person that drains your energy today is labeled and classified to be an energy vampire.

They are also called psychic vampires or energy suckers. Be mindful and this energy sucking for an example can be liken to what is call having to deal with a drama queen of drama king. Everyone is familiar with these two, and you do not have to be an empath to know the end results of such a relationship.  After having been in the company of even just a negative person, it tends to drain you emotionally after a time.

There are many other types of energy vampires, from unconscious to conscious ones, as this article relates to further on.
The unconscious ones are not aware they are energy drainers (vampires). They are not necessarily bad, as they are usually emotionally unstable or ill. They are in need to draw life force from others who have a strong healthy energy field. 

There are also those that makes them feel strong or superior just by bringing someone else down in the process of their rising above, we are quite aware of this type as well.
Question: Are psychic vampires and empaths the same thing?

No. Emotions are at play for both, but in a very different way.

A psychic vampire is someone who feeds off the energy of others. It’s not in an overt way. They don’t stand over you like a monster in a bad movie and suck the life force out of you. Not exactly. If you’ve ever found yourself drained after being with someone–especially if you find yourself drained every single time you’re with them–then it’s very possible that the other person is a psychic vampire.

An empath is a person who feels the energy of others. Though I suppose it’s possible for an empath to feed off others’ energy as well, I’ve not encountered anyone who is both an empath and an energy vampire, or psychic vampire.

The psychic vampires I’ve known have tended to be emotionally needy and often initiators of drama, just to cause fluctuations in emotions that they can enjoy. These are often not positive or light emotions, and I’ve not known of any psychic vampires who “took on” these feelings themselves as empaths often do. The vampire may be an emotional manipulator or may be completely unaware of what they’re doing. A good example would be the family member who is always stirring up drama and then is right there to hear your problems while you pick up the pieces…all the while being reminded of you of things that upset you rather than allowing you to achieve a peaceful state of mind.
I’ve known both introvert and extrovert psychic vampires. Empaths are generally introverts or on the cusp.

Being an empath means feeling the emotions of people you have a bond with or are in proximity to you. As an empath, I have on a few occasions been bonded with someone who shared my sweeter emotions and I could feel both mine and theirs, so that we could mirror each other. This in no way drained the other person but gave me a double dose of the same emotion.

Note: this result is the same on the negative side of the emapths scale. If you hurt someone you feel their hurt equally as much as your own, which means a double dose of the pain experienced. This is one reason I will do everything I can to avoid a negative confrontation with another.

Empaths sometimes cannot distinguish between someone else’s emotions and their own, so they often get caught up in other people’s turbulent feelings. And that’s not fun!

So the big difference between psychic vampires and empaths is this:

Empaths feel the emotions of others. Psychic vampires feed off the emotions of others.

For an empath, just feeling the emotions of others can be overwhelming. Although it may be possible, I cannot understand how someone could be both. They’d have to be a glutton for punishment to both feel and feed off someone else’s emotions.
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day.

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