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Monday, 10 August 2015

Do Empaths Feel Spirits?

Do Empaths Feel Spirits?
by Lorna Tedder · in Empathy

Hi dear friends and followers. Today we review how the phenomena of the spirit world can affect an empathic person.

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Question: I’m an empath and I feel humans all the time. Is it possible for empaths to feel spirits? You know, as in people who have passed over.


The dead may not be in physical form any longer, but they are still energy and leave behind an energetic residue or energetic signature. It’s energy you are sensitive to, not human bodies.

You may be sensitive not only to spirits, as you call them, but also to other unseen entities. I have, at different times, felt the energy of the dead as well as various entities: angels, guardians, and yes, God.

However, I experience energy through feeling and sometimes knowing, but not normally through visual or auditory processes. In other words, I don’tsee the dead — at least not most of the time. For my friends who do experience energy visually, it’s a whole new game and one I really don’t want any part of myself. One thing all of my “visual” friends have told me is that they are almost constantly bothered by the dead because the dead know that they can be seen and that they can communicate. So, they go to my visual friends for help.

One such friend has reported to me that it is difficult for her to hold a job or to sleep because she’s so constantly pressured to provide help.

Another tells me how disconcerting it is to have spirits show up at the most inconvenient time and show him a few happy moments of their lives, before showing their deaths.

Over the last few months, I had an option in my spiritual growth to add the visual gift to my repertoire and after about a week of it, I took a big step back and disconnected from it. It’s one thing to feel the things around me that are unseen and know very much that there is another presence close by–even whether it is happy, sad, angry, jealous, in pain, curious–but it’s another thing altogether to have the gift of knowing and the gift of sight so that you can see things around you so that you can not only feel these things around you, but also see them — as well as seeing flashes of the future.

Note: I have had the experience of both visual and sensing. Fortunately I have never had any negative visuals, only that of different sources of light energy, or light beings. The beings of light came to me only on occasions when I was going through desperate times in my life, I guess to help me through them. The energy light I still see occasionally, like in the form of tiny sparks or like tiny rainbows on the walls. 
But on the other hand I have felt some very negative energy, not just from people but inside different structures, especially one I had the opportunity to live in once about 11 years ago. It nearly drove my roomie and I apart, it was none stop negative, occurrences, like nothing we did would turn out right, and two near fatal car accidents. After we gave the place a thorough cleansing then peace returned. 

Some things are easier not to know unless we are well prepared for them and truly want those gifts.

Note: But then there also time we know and wished we didn't, but turns out that way no matter how much we try to change it.
You can feel something is wrong but not necessarily know why or what it is that's wrong.

Like for an example going to bed with a terrible ominous feeling in the pit of your stomach and have no idea why, the next day you wake up to find out some town just down the way was wiped out by a tornado

Or having this feeling about a best friend who has not left any prior indications of any problems, just moves on suddenly without word.

As for feeling spirits, I have felt them in supposedly haunted and supposedly not haunted houses, both by the sense of presence and a temperature drop. Most often it is simply feeling a presence or an external emotion, just as I do with living humans. The energy of a person will remain in a place after death, something I often feel at estate sales or in locations where the occupant spent an inordinate amount of time or a significant expenditure of strong negative emotion such as fear or anger. This energy signature will linger on the body after death, too, and spread over the surrounding area, like an aura moving out from a body. 

Note: In the case of an apartment, they to retain the energy of previous tenants. My suggesting is to smudge it with sweet grass, sage or and holly water, along with incantations and prayer. It works 
This, I believe, is why we empaths and intuitives often sense energy residue around graves and in cemeteries. Although the person’s life force is no longer there, the vessel that held the life force and its energy still teems with energetic residue, as does a favorite dress or suit the person was buried in. Not only does the grave hold the energy signature but those who visit often bring with them strong emotions that amplify the impression of energy. The spirit may or may not be present for their left-over energy to be felt.

The energy of an absent person can be felt with living humans as well. An example from years ago: a few days after a former boyfriend moved out, an empathic friend who’d never met him and didn’t know he existed walked into my house and immediately commented on his energy in certain rooms where he and I had spent a lot of time decorating together or just sitting and talking. She said that the happy emotion of us “building our castle together” was still there but that his personal energy was fading gradually. She referred to it as “missing man” energy. At the present, there’s no longer any sense of his energy in my home and all his gifts have been removed from the premises and all ties with him have been severed.

My point in all this is that energy is still energy and very uniquely belonging to a particular person, whether that person’s body is living or not. It the energetic pattern that continues. Some call that a soul. Some call it a spirit.
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