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Friday, 21 August 2015

My Early Empathy Experience

Part 1
My Early Empathy Experience 
Originally Written Thursday 19 September 2013
Revised 21 August 2015

Hi dear friend and followers. I wish to thank you for visiting and reading my blog.
As I promised here is the first entry of my own personal experience with empathy, I hope you find it interesting

In my earlier years I was not aware of, nor did I know, what empathy was. Yes, the sensitivities were there, but I never identified my sensitivities as being different from what anyone else experiences. But on the other hand, I was well aware that I was different from most others. I just didn't know in what manner. This could also have derived from my discomfort around others and need to isolate myself in earlier years.

It was the very sensitivities of empathy that mostly alienated me from others, and kept me from having any type of meaningful relationship or friendship with any other persons with the exception of a few who were tagged as strange or misfits as well.

Sensing the vibes of others and telling them or mirroring things about themselves that only they should be aware of was rather unnerving for any individual, and this is where I learned the hard way that no one liked their horoscope told without the cards.

But feeling other people psychically or emotionally often caused me to go into depressions. It hasn't been until relatively recent years that I learned about the phenomenon of empathy, or the blue ray, as it is in more recent times popularly identified as indigo. 

Indigo is only a label describing the color of the crown chakra, an intensely sensitive energy flow radiating from the heart chakra. It is through this energy field that one knows and sees things above the physical known reality we live in and even heal other people, animals and plants in varying degrees as well when once one learns how to work with these abilities.

So all of this psychic and emotional energy constantly going on inside of me left me in a rather chaotic state of mind, and to compensate for this my thinking process has become more and more complex. In other words, I guess that in order to deal with the problem of my sensitivities going through the roof, I unconsciously started being able to process my thoughts about many things at the same time, mental multi tasking. (i.e. talking to my friends while working on another project and thinking about present problems as well as the next day's, and the day before, constantly analyzing things in my mind, etc.). In other words, as the old saying goes, walking and chewing gum at the same time.

I was not very efficient at helping people who came to me with problems during that time. Not until in later years when I engaged my partner to help me screen them before I even attempt to do so. I didn’t trust my judgment of character. I had to learn to say "No!" when I felt that their reasons may be questionable.

Unfortunately, there are many people who seek an easy answer while exerting as little effort as possible in getting the results they want. Then they try to work out a solution they may not like without getting a negative reaction when I tell them this truth without sugar coating it.

There are many hazards out there for the unwary empath. As an empath there are times when I went out of my way to think the best of another, because I cared and truly wanted to believe them. But this can have hazardous results for those of us with sensitivities, to easily get hurt by that person who may know and take full advantage of that.

It was all quite chaotic and now it is just like anything else. As a result, the way I talk is, well, sometimes not understandable. Like my brain is going faster than my mouth and I'll leave words or even an entire train of thought out at times. Then I go back and forth to previous topics as fast as I can in an effort to recover and mend together the lost thoughts, then attempting to compensate with a new line of thoughts and ideas. While my mind is busy doing all this balancing act with my own thoughts I still try to absorb what that person or persons had just tried to inform me about; not an easy task.

So the question is, "Is empathy good or bad?"

Not really bad. Once I knew what type of internal processor I had that drives me, I learned rather quickly and adeptly how to utilize these characteristics in a constructive way. I found empathy to be an asset on many different occasions through my years as a social worker.

The grounding still helps. *Using my own auric energy,* when- ever I get a chance, this new awareness and how I now perceive the world around me,  seems to prolong the stress and that build-up of negative energy or anxious feeling. I still, for some reason, try to get deeper and deeper into the analysis of what *they,* society, media, or what any one individual might be saying, and what the true meaning is that lies behind the words.

Sometimes I am just picking up vibes from the environment around me. Whatever the vibrations around me are telling me (I don't question but mostly analyze) I know every time I'll pick up on something new I didn't see before. Another piece to the puzzle helps me to put things together, or go back and try again to see where the piece fits. 

Dealing with people is easier, but even though my patience grows less with the ignorant comments people make (well, not really ignorant, just someone trying to up one on me with their attitude). I've noticed, too, when people do that now, I don't even have to be saying anything. I believe I may even have a sister or two, or brother out there and that includes the web as well. 

Believe it or not, I find it easier to read people on the Internet then I do in person. Maybe that’s because I have more time to analyze postings than I do the words of an individual in real time. Who could vouch for that fact about the general population out there,

Beware of the "ankle biter" or the “attacking house mouse!” Hee, hee, hee!

Grounding and shielding can be important to those who wish to remain stable through the course of the day. There are many different methods for doing both. One does not have to follow any particular method, just use your own. I do my grounding just prior to saying my morning meditations, first thing upon waking up. There are also many websites on the Internet that deal with energy work and how to ground yourself. One method is as good as the other as long as it feels right for you.

Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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