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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Increased Ability with Parenting

Ask an Empath: Increased Ability with Parenting
by Lorna Tedder · in EnergyHi, dear friends and followers. Today's is just a short entry about when an individual, who is maybe not even be aware of what empathy is yet, becomes a parent. The role of empathy doesn't come into play in the relationship of parent and child until consciousness of the bond develops. Many parents become much more in tune or aware of children once they have children of their own.

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Question: Do empaths’ abilities increase when they have children?

They might. But more than likely, you’re becoming more aware of them. The empathic bond between parent and child–most often, mother and child though I have witnessed it in many men, especially men who are single parents and solely responsible for their offspring–is a well-known and well-accepted form of empathy and energetic connection.

When you have a child, everything really does change in that you become extremely intuitively and energetically aware of where your child is…or you can. I suppose there are some parents who don’t, but this has been my experience.

You sleep with one eye open. You never sleep deeply because you are always listening for the sound of little feet, slipping out of the room when they shouldn’t be. If things are too quiet, you are aware of it because it usually means somebody’s getting in trouble.


Note: Hehehehe, I do so agree with this one, and quite familiar with this one. The silence becomes like the fire bell going off at the fire station

This is all about awareness, really, but it’s the best understanding most people have of what an energetic bond is like, particularly if you always have a sense of when your child is in trouble or needs help.

Note: Even when they are several blocks away playing with a neighbor's kid, you know. The bond knows no distance
Higher level empaths, or more sensitive empaths, take the parent-child bond to a much deeper level, a much more intense level. Parents will feel their children’s pain–whether it is physical or emotional. Whether it’s on the playground or whether the child is an adult in the army on the other side of the planet. There is no difference. The bond is still there.

If the parent and child are very close emotionally, the bond may also be felt in reverse.
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