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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

How to See a Fairy (Yes, Really)

How to See a Fairy (Yes, Really)
by Sarah Petruno, Shamana

Hi dear friends and followers. First I would like to thank you and welcome you for coming and reading my blog. Todays topic is about How to see a fairy

As a shamanic healer, my work requires me to work and communicate with those in Spirit, and as with anyone that has communicates with, senses, feels, or sees those in Spirit, I have a what is called a gatekeeper guide. This guide, in short, is someone that ensures myspiritual boundaries are followed and assists me in all healing sessions to connect with Spirit.

It just so happens, that my gatekeeper guide, is a Fairy named Jack. He dresses like Peter Pan, has Zack Morris blonde hair, and he’s overall a great guy - he’s funny, caring, and compassionate, and he helps to bring humor and levity to all situations. Other people have gatekeeper guides that are or have been human before, but Jack happens to be a fairy.
In addition to being my gatekeeper guide, I also consider Jack to be a close friend and confidant. And because he’s my friend, I want to learn more about his life to understand him more deeply. In learning more about Jack and the fairy realm, I’ve often wondered where I can find reputable information on fairies - articles and books that are realistic, down to earth, and mainly, make sense in physical world terms. I’ve learned that resources like this exist, but mostly in other languages. So, if I want them in english - I either have to translate, or write them myself (with the help of Jack, and the other fairies, of course!).

This post, and those that follow, are intended to inform you about how, where, and when you can see, feel, hear, and interact with fairies. They exist in the Earth Plane, which means, that we don’t have to do any energy raising to interact with them, because they exist right here, along side us, in the same realm that plant spirits, animal spirits, and gnomes reside. If you think of those in “Spirit,” for the purpose of this post, I mean typical, non-fairy Guides, Angels, and Deceased Loved ones, you tend to think of them existing upward, somewhere above where we are, on Earth. And this is correct, the do exist in a Spiritual Realm, above. But, there are also realms side by side with the physical realm (where we humans live) on Earth. We refer to these as "horizontal realms." They exist horizontally on the Earth plane, beside the physical plane, in the Fairy Realm, or the Plant Realm, Animal Realm, or Gnome Realm, depending on your perspective - these are all called horizontal realms.

It just so happens that Plants and Animals usually have physical bodies existing in the physical realm, in addition to their non-physical “home” realm. That’s why we can see them, with little effort, with our physical eyes - because they exist with physical bodies right where we live too! Gnomes and Fairies, do not have physical bodies within our realm. They exist in their home realms, and come and go from our realm, with the bodies that they currently have - ones that typically cannot be seen with everyday, untrained, human eyes.

Because fairies and gnomes can come and go from our realm, the physical realm, we can come and go from their realms too. And that, is the secret to seeing them. It’s perfectly acceptable for us to travel, with our physical bodies, to their realms. In doing so, we will be able to see them. BUT - you can see them even without traveling to their realm.

First, we’ll cover the basics - where they live and what times of day to find them. Then, we’ll cover how to see them in the physical realm, where we currently live, and then, how to see them by traveling to their realm.

To be continued tomorow, "SEEING FAIRIES: Basics"
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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