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Monday, 7 December 2015

Fairies ~ Elemental Beings

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Hi, dear friend and followers. Today's topic is about fairies and the fairy energy. I know many people don't even give fairies a second thought, but just think of it for a moment. Have you seen the movie "Avatar?" Do you remember the little souls and the connection of all life to the Tree of Souls and their home world,  their version of Mother Gaia? Please continue reading. The "Notes" in orange text are mine. Thank you for visiting my blog

Fairies are the most commonly known Elementals probably because Fairies are everywhere. They are the guardians of plants and flowers. Every plant has a Fairy on it or even more than one. You will particularly be able to feel Fairy energy around flowers. Fairies also stay with cut flowers after they have been picked so if you have bunches of flowers in your house, Fairies will be nearby.

The Fairies were the first Elementals that introduced themselves to me. At the start I could not see or hear Fairies but I could feel their excitable energy. After a couple of months of working on connecting into the Fairy realm I started to hear them and to see them on occasion. Fairies have squeaky little voices and are very playful but also sometimes a bit mischievous. They look like little people with slender bodies, big eyes (usually blue) and pointy ears. The flower Fairies wear hats usually which are the flower they are guarding and living on. They all wear different colours depending on their plant type and they have beautiful little wings protruding from their back.

In my experience, I think the wings, or should I say physical wings, are not really necessary for them to fly around. Their bodies are not physical. They have an energy body and the wings I believe are more optical illusion than they are real wings. Around all living things, there is a shimmering aura. I can see it around animals, people, and plants, as well as the elementals. Anything that contains a source of energy, including the Elemental beings has one.  We all are born of the elements.

I did not write this entry, but I agree with most of what is written here for I feel like I could have written this myself.
And even though most people are not even aware of the fairies they do communicate through those who are sensitive enough to receive their message and we pass along the message as best as we can.

Messages from the Fairies

“Fairies are here on earth at this time to safeguard the plant kingdom and to produce beautiful flower displays for insects, animals, humans and birds. All of the earth is an intricate system working in harmony and balance. When one part goes out of balance everything is affected. Just now we Fairies are particularly concerned about chemical sprays and genetically modified crops. They  urge humans to return to more organic farming practices and to stop interfering in nature. It is our wish to connect with more of the human race to work together to protect the plant kingdom.”

The Fairies are a very friendly group of Elementals who love to be spoken to and asked to help. Fairies are very powerful manifesters and know that through the processes of firm belief and clear visualisation they can attract what they want into their lives. The Fairies on earth are ready now to work with humans with a pure heart to teach us about their powerful manifestation skills and using the moon cycles to harness the available energy here on earth.

Fairies are also keen to help us heal our hearts and to find love in everything and every situation. They have explained to me how it pains them to watch humans behavior towards one and other and the animals and nature. Fairies live in big collective groups, or families as we call it, and they like to socialise, party and have fun together. They always see the love in every situation however they do get angry when we trash their homes and show no respect for planet earth and this is why they have a mischievous reputation.

Communicating with Fairies
To connect into the Fairy realm all you need to do is to sit amongst flowers and plants. Quiet your mind and close your eyes. Perhaps hold a piece of rose quartz or amethyst crystal  

or even just a wildflower, which is what I usually do. You don't really have to hold anything; only if it makes you feel more connected the fairies and will attach to whatever feelings your consciousness is connecting with.

The Fairies are very attracted to them or anything sparkly. Fairies connect with us through our clairsentience which is our sixth sense that allows us to receive messages through feelings. So open your heart to the Fairies. Allow them to come to you. Fairies can truly see who we are so if you have any problems or tendencies you know are not serving you well, hand them all over to the Fairies to heal. They will transmute any pain or egoic beliefs up to the light and help us to see a better way of being.

This is true about the sparklies and flashes. You may see them better in a dark room at night, but you can also see them occasionally during the day as well. I believe that is also their way of telling you they are not far away.
Imagine yourself surrounded in a ball of white light. You may see sparkles and flashes as the Fairies throw their healing dust upon you. Imagine that you see two root protruding from your feet burrowing down deep into the earth. These roots reach right down into the centre of the earth connecting and grounding you. Now speak to the Fairies, ask them anything and notice any thoughts, feelings or visions that you get as the Fairies give you loving guidance and messages.

Once you connect with the Fairies they will enlist your help by encouraging you to pick up litter, participate in environmental projects, create a nature garden perhaps and encourage you to eat organically when possible. The Fairies are passionate environmentalists. Inviting the Fairies into your life is great fun as they will always be leaving you gifts and positive signs, helping you to meet the right people and to have new opportunities in your life.

If they like your energy they may be attracted to remain near your home where occasionally you will see their energy; if not you can always feel their energy when they are nearby. You need not really do anything special except just acknowledge 
that you are aware of their presence.
Fairies and Elementals prefer wild, natural environments, therefore, you will find more of them in these locations that are not so populated by man. As their energy is more powerful in these locations they are easier to feel and connect with. Fairies are also more active at the solstices and equinox.
Fairies will help you with gardening guiding you to the right plants to buy and where to place them in your garden for example. They will assist with flower arranging and making your home beautiful. Ask them for help with any pest and disease problems and they will guide you to do what is best for the plants. Be aware that sometimes they may guide you to do things are not conventional but every time I have followed their guidance, for example, to put a certain crystal in their pot, the plant has always healed. If you want more fun in your life ask the Fairies to help you arrange that. Most of all enjoy working with the Fairies and seeing where your journey takes you.
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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