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Friday, 4 December 2015

How Being an Empath is Connected to Spiritually Awakening

How Being an Empath is Connected to Spiritually Awakening

Hi, dear friends and followers. Today I wish to discuss with you on the topic of Spirituality and Empathy. Why does the phenomenon of empathy appear to diminish at times to almost one existence, then grow again. Thank you very much for taking your time to read my blog


I’m going to say something crazy.

I think we’re all empaths.

I believe that being an empath is actually our natural state of being.

Far from being an exclusive label or special group of people, I believe empaths are rife among us.

I believe men are empaths, women are empaths, children are empaths, the elderly are empaths, straight people are empaths, gay people are empaths, intergender are empaths, and throughout the entire world, I believe that empathy exist in every culture, every tradition, every religion and every continent.

The only thing is this:

most of us have lost touch with our abilities to tune into the feelings of others.

Why? Because most of us have lost touch with our ability to tune into the feelings of ourselves. Whether through our highly materialized, fast-paced, artificial societies; our long-held dogmas, traditions, beliefs and inner narratives; our physical and emotional diets; our lifestyle habits, or simply our belief that “everything we feel comes directly from us,” we have been severely desensitized in life.

We have become essentially “sensitivity maimed.”

We have become emotional illiterates.

In fact, most of us have become alexithymic – people that suffer from the inability to truly know, and put into words, what they are feeling. Hence our tendency to over-eat, our obesity crisis, our addictions to alcohol and drugs, our over-consumption of escapist TV shows, movies, and porn and our constant psychological issues such as anxiety and depression.

All of this comes as a direct result of lacking self-awareness, of trying to desperately patch up the emptiness and confusion we feel in life and inside.

We are truly, in the most extreme sense, out-of-touch with ourselves.

And so it’s no wonder that when we experience some kind of spiritual awakening – when we finally awaken from our “sleep” and experience a shift in consciousness – we become overwhelmed with not only our ability to understand and feel our own feelings but our ability to do likewise with others and their feelings. For some this descends as a tidal wave, for others, a gentle but increasing storm.

Suddenly we realize all along that many (not all) of the feelings that have been clogging us up have come as a result of actually feeling and taking on the emotions of others, empathically.

If this sounds like you, and if you are currently navigating through the disorientating waters of being an empath, you are not alone. I too have gone through this awakening experience and after some much-needed guidance and personal effort I have been able to obtain much greater mental and emotional clarity. Although I am not perfect (there will always be more to improve on), I want to share with you today some truly beneficial advice.

From Alexithymic to Empath

It is said that alexithymia is present in about 10% of the population, but I believe this figure is grossly downplayed. I believe that many of us were/are alexithymics.

As thinker and philosopher, Roman Krznaric comments in his book “Empathy: Why it Matters and How to Get it”:

At this moment in history, we are suffering from an acute empathy deficit, both as a society and in our individual lives.

He goes on to note that:
A recent study at the University of Michigan revealed a dramatic decline in empathy levels among young Americans between 1980 and today, with the steepest drop being in the last ten years. The shift, say researchers, is in part due to more people living alone and spending less time engaged in social and community activities that nurture empathic sensitivity

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