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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

How do you see this?

How do you see this?

Hi, dear friends and followers. Today's entry is about prejudice and racism as I see it. written by me. Thank you for coming and I hope you find the topic interesting.

Looking for racists, chauvinist pigs, and people who hate you for the God you worship, or in the name of the god they believe? Personally, I don't believe in any god that demands the blood others.

But at an earlier time in my life I have found myself attracting this very kind of prejudiced people to myself. I promise you, you’ll find them all, and more than you ever imagined. You will draw the prejudices to you, attract them, like ants to a picnic. For one thing, you will not even realize that you are right in the middle of these kinds of people at one point or another. No matter where you are or go, they're all around you. Having grown up with these kinds of people, you begin to think that it is the normal behavior of most people.
One thing I’ve repeatedly heard among Law of Attraction folks is that if you focus on something, that’s what you’ll get. Though they’re not usually talking about focusing on prejudice against you, many do use it in a negative way, as for example, you got what you asked for. The older form of this lesson was drilled into me in Baptist Sunday School as a child: Seek and ye shall find.

The lady from whom I extracted these ideas for this entry was a practicing Wiccan and a judgmental empath. A wonderful lady from whom I learned much. I do not belong to any faith or religion but through the years I have formed my faith. I draw my faith from the elementals of the forest, and the forest is my church. That’s exactly why I’ve made some changes in how I see myself as a practicing spiritual person who has, many times, been the target of religious prejudice–and I’ve changed my experience for the better. Here’s why:
Varying viewpoints - Have you ever gone to a movie that involved different nationalities that had nothing to do with prejudices, yet when you discuss it with colleagues they bring up racist discrimination? I am, at this particular time, thinking of the movie “Avatar.” A beautiful heart touching movie such as that, and some found it fit to associate racial discrimination in that wonderful movie. I enjoyed it very much, even though it wasn’t about traditional earthly cults and beliefs. It had its unique spiritual quality. Regardless of the negative feedback of some, it was a beautiful fantasy, and I enjoyed the movie.

The Na'vi character Neytiri should have been 100% heroic instead of showing a human side at the end that made her, in my opinion, such a richly complex character and far more interesting than the typical white male hero. Meanwhile, a feminist friend thought the female characters should have been more aggressive, so the movie was sexist. And on it went. I kept my feelings and thoughts to myself.

I couldn’t understand my colleagues’ narrow viewpoints, but then, none of them understand why I used to get upset with stupid movies with a sad ending, doing my best to try to cover up the tears.

Many seek what they fear; again, the Law of Attraction in operation.

Each brought something about himself or herself to the movie, and they expected to find those things presented less than favorably. Then again, we all do that to ourselves in the greater play, the play of our lives.

And then there is the female factor. Why is it in the past ten years I find harder to keep a friend. Nothing has changed about me. I am still pleasant, caring, loving, and easy to get along with, yet friends just seem to run from me like I had the plague.

Like most people, I get curious, and I wish I knew why I get dropped as I do. Sometimes I find myself almost wishing even the idiots would stick around! I went through that long mental list most of us girls do when it comes to rejection: I'm not white enough? Is it the way I dress? My shoes? Too fat, too skinny? Too old? Or is it? Well, you get the picture.

I often have made the mistake in the past to talk about things with people that were way above their heads. For me and the way I am, if someone mentions something like E=MC2, and I am off and running. Even though I only made it to the first year of college, I had a voracious appetite for reading books which is where I got the better part of my education. One thing I had discovered is guys are not impressed with brainy girls.

Since then, I heard about a motorcycle accident that claimed the life of the rider. The motorcycle riders in the room with me immediately guessed that the pickup truck driver intentionally ran the bike over out of hatred while the non-bikers assumed the motorcyclist was some young thug without a helmet and a penchant for racing. I was dumbfounded by how everyone looked for facts to support their prejudices or fears of prejudice. Within a few minutes, more news came, and they were all wrong, all of them.

It is a sad thing to see people behave the way they do because of deep-seated prejudices that were probably ingrained into them from childhood and act spontaneously upon these prejudices most time without reasoning the facts out first.

Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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