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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Mystic Encounters Part 2

Mystic Encounters Part 2

Hi, dear friends and followers. Today I would like to share with you part 2 of Mystic encounters. I have shaded in red what I have had personal experience with. The text in orange are my own comments. Thank you very much for coming

8) Materialization and De-materialization -
These count as mystic encounters because they are out of the scope of everyday occurrence. This is when objects or beings appear in 3D physical form and/or they disappear just as mysteriously.

Apports are one of such phenomena. I was introduced to the term through spiritualism. Mediums would hold seances in which Spirit would supposedly materialize stones and trinkets in physical form to give to attendees. Some were so confident that they would advertise their seance to be an 'apport seance'. This, of course, would raise the expectation of a participant to receive such a gift from the spirit world.

I, in my skepticism, would discount the legitimacy of such seances, questioning how a medium could possibly ensure that every participant (or even some of them) receive an apport at every session. I have other issues with staged phenomena which I will discuss later.

I have had personal experiences with apports and de-materialization. My first occurred in my 20's. I had a bag of stones that I called my medicine bag. Being a rockhound, these particular stones were special to me. I kept them in a special place in my apartment. I would take them out weekly, if not more, to look at, feel and talk to. Being into numerology, I had a certain number of stones. Each one was different and had a different meaning to me.

One day I got them out and found that my piece of jade was gone. I was stunned. I knew no one could have taken it, I lived alone except for my little daughter who could not have found nor reached the bag (even if she could have, she'd have the whole bag out) and no one was ever there without me AND they were hidden. I was bummed and dumbfounded. I could only think that one of my spirit friends took it. I asked for it back and put them away.

Over the next month, I checked and rechecked with no luck. Then one day, my jade had returned to its place in my bag. I suppose it took a little journey and then re-materialized.

Sometimes this phenomena occurs right under our noses and we're not aware of it. Misplaced items resurface where they once were with no reasonable explanation.

Beings that haven't come to Earth in the normal way, have also been known to come and go in this physical plane. They are in full 3D form and can walk and talk like the rest of us, then instantly, they're gone.
I have done that lots of times when I was with people I didn't want to be with.  Like, just stand there perfectly sill and they walk right past me and not see me.

But then I appear to be invisible to most people most of the time anyway, which I don't mind. I can also make thing disappear if I stare at it for a while it goes transparent,  then reappears. I mean transparent enough to see what's behind it.

9) Transfiguration -

This term signifies an image or features that are transposed over another. People have often experienced this by staring into a mirror. The face seems to change and images of other faces seem to appear. There are several theories about these phenomena from illusion to past life personas to a mirror being a portal to other dimensions. This is one aspect of the term.

I have had this experience as well, I am not certain how much of reality to put on this phenomena but it strange. enough so to leave goose bumps all over me. 
Another is that the features of a person you are looking at changes right before your eyes. In these mystic encounters, spirit is being transposed over or onto another person; or a psychic vision of the person viewing the transfiguration is occurring.

A few incidences stand out in my mind from my own experience. My Grandmother was a trance medium. We sometimes had family seances in her basement. Being young with not much experience, I was VERY skeptical.

She contended in her work that anything done in the dark can also be done in the light. So she would have candlelit sessions. I was sitting across from her this particular time with a coffee table between us. I had my eyes closed because we always began with prayer and meditation.

Suddenly I heard her voice change to her "joy guide". I opened my eyes and saw that her face had transformed into that of a little girl! Her eyes were bright, shiny and round. She had a big, happy, childlike smile. Her whole appearance and demeanor was youthful. She was looking directly at me when I opened my eyes. I freaked at her looks and closed my eyes. That was my first noted experience.

Casandra, That is the name of the little girl ghost that I came in contact with when I was 9 years old. Almost every night we could hear odd sounds in the basement, actually, it started in the root cellar before we had a basement. Anyway my first contact with her was the night when I was 9 years old. There was a crashing sound, like someone dropped one of those one-gallon glass mason jars on the floor. I went down carrying my dad's 22 riffle. Nothing, no broken glass, nothing.

A few weeks later another loud sound that woke up everyone in the house. It sounded like a very large boulder had been dropped on the roof. Well all went out and looked around, there was nothing. It just seemed that these occurrences were becoming more frequent and loud as time passed. Until one night I went down to the recreation room and I was just sitting on the floor playing with playing cards when I hear a sound behind me. It sounded like when someone steps down hard on a tin can. Somehow I knew what and who made the  sound. I just proceeded to play with the playing cards and said, you are welcome to sit and play cards with me if you wish Casandra. She remained with me from that day, no matter where I moved, from west coast to east coast of both Canada and the US.
I have more stories about her here in this blog if you are interested. 

A more recent time was early in my relationship with my current husband. We were getting to know each other by extended periods of talking. One night I was surprised to see that his face, gestures and sound, kept changing into those of other men in my past. I saw friends, family members, as well as intimate partners transposed over him. It was as if he was them. I couldn't concentrate on his words anymore, all I noticed was one person after another, showing their image over him. It upset me.

I talked to a fellow minister about it. My worry was that the qualities of these others were embodied in him. A BIG turn off. My friend suggested a more acceptable interpretation, that it represented more the ending of one cycle and its cumulative energies than a continuance. I felt relieved by that and moved forward with the relationship. I'm glad I asked for an 'outside' opinion.

10) Psychometry -

This is when you see images and feel impressions from objects. This is a method of giving "readings". An Intuitive holds a personal item of the person they're reading for to receive info. A personal item carries the energetic imprint of a person, especially an item that is worn by the person alot (ring, watch, etc.) or something that has been with a person for a long time.
Yes, I do believe this is true. It is much the same as when someone has left you. The best suggestion I can make is to clean house. I mean everything that doesn't belong to you goes out to the curb. That is the only way and best way to get rid of any residual negative energy from that individual.

Mush the same as wen you have a deceased partner for the exception of a few special objects, like for instance a picture album

11) Automatic Writing -

Mystic encounters that involve the receipt of information through the medium of writing...some say that the hand is guided without their conscious involvement. A more common form is "inspirational" writing. This is when you are basically taking dictation from a disembodied or other dimensional source. The writing just flows from a stream of thought that is projected into your consciousness. More on that later.

12) Psychic Art -

There are many forms of this activity from doodling (without conscious effort), to seeing images transposed onto paper or another medium, to perceiving clairvoyant images, then drawing or painting them.
This is pretty much a proven fact. Many police agencies employed such individuals in crime investigations. 
I have known some gifted psychic artists. When they give an image to a person, usually with a message, the receiving person confirms the relevance of the subject matter and the message as it pertains to them personally.

13 Instantaneous Healing -

The importance of mystic encounters is evident here. One of the biggies, a healing that takes place instantly, a miracle. I have witnessed these as have others that I know and respect. The faith and belief of the person receiving the healing is such that it can occur instantly. For most of us, our beliefs and level of acceptance gets in the way. Healing over time is more in line with our expectations. Do not be held back by this, BELIEVE, then receive!
This kind of healings we hear about relatively frequently, like someone dying of cancer then miraculously go into remission. Believe, yes, but believe in yourself that you will get well
14) Astral Projection -

This is when your consciousness leaves your body. This is often reported in stressed situations of the body, i.e., during an accident, heart attack, near-death experience, or sickness. It can also happen in meditation, sometimes it's the goal.

I had a friend that claimed he once 'coughed' himself out of his body. He was very sick. He was lying on his couch during a bad coughing episode, when suddenly he was on the ceiling looking down at himself on the couch. It scared him, he thought he was about to die. He didn't. But now he's a believer!

15) Spirit Journey -

This is related to astral projection and remote viewing. It is a phase of meditation where you disconnect your consciousness from your body to travel to other realms. You will likely have many mystic encounters on a spirit journey. Remember, all realms, including the physical 3D realm, is in the realm of mind, the Great Mind of Creator, therefore, travel to other realms is achievable. This type of journey brings you into contact with other beings as well as other realities. It is not your imagination as some would have you believe.

I have traveled to these other realms either through dreams or imagination. This was where many of my writings were born from.

16) Miracles -

The unexpected and extraordinary events that happen that are above and beyond everyday occurrences. The deluxe of mystic encounters. These are good surprises.

17) UFO & USO Sightings -

...unidentified craft in the skies or beneath the waters that defy known capabilities of the crafts of our race.

I have seen one that I'm certain of. One night, while standing on my back porch, I was watching what I thought was a very high plane. It was moving steadily in a straight direction. Suddenly it flew off quickly at a sharp right angle and disappeared. I was quite surprised because I didn't expect it, but I was already sure of their validity.

I have never seen a UFO but I have often wished I had. 
18) Strange Happenings -

All other mystic encounters fall under this category, unexplained or unconfirmed sightings, experiences and events.
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 
ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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