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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Mystic Encounters

Mystic Encounters

Hi, dear friends and followers. Today I would like to share with you the topic of Mystic encounters. I have shaded in red that I have had personal experience with. The text in orange are my own comments. Thank you very much for coming

What ARE Mystic encounters? Many types of encounters can be classified as mystical, i.e., any occurrence with a "disembodied" being or a being from another dimension that is without physical form in this dimension. 

Some can see this type of being in some form or within their inner vision. Others sense or hear them. "Other beings" that are non-human, including tree spirits, sister wind, rocks, animals, plants and planets, can also have meaningful, extraordinary encounters with us. However you may experience these types of communications, you'll know they're real.

Anything beyond the normally accepted reality would come under the description of mystical encounters and phenomena. Some types would be......

1) Telepathy -

Though more common than realized, humans are gifted with this type of communicative ability. Not only do we hear or receive the thoughts of others, they can receive ours. We are usually unaware of where these thoughts are coming from. Most often, they're from other people. Sometimes they originate from other entities as stated above, as well as, elements and elementals, bugs and birds, even beings from other galaxies and dimensions. Everything has energetic intelligence and can communicate.
By developing your "inner awareness" (sensitivity) and attuning (aligning) with these other energetic forms of expression, you can consciously perceive and initiate these communications.

2) Clairaudience -

...means clear hearing. This is a manifestation of telepathy where the words or sounds are distinctly heard either in the mind or outside of it, through the auditory system. These types of mystic encounters are outside of the obvious realm of speaking person to person through voice or signing, or from hearing normal sounds that don't have a physically apparent source.

3) Clairsentience -

...means clear sensing or clear feeling. Your senses are affected by unseen energetic elements. You may smell, touch or feel energies that don't have a physical source. Most common are smells of perfume or smoke (tobacco or wood). These are ways for 'spirit' to make their presence known.

Temperature changes, i.e., hot spots on your body, chills or even "psychic bugs" (where you feel like you're getting little bites or crawling sensations) are common.

You might feel as if someone has touched you or fiddled with your hair, or you may
bump into someone who isn't physically there.

4) Clairvoyance -

...clear seeing. Usually psychics are called clairvoyants because they can see energies and visions with their second sight (inner eye/third eye), yet they also have clear hearing and feeling as well. That doesn't mean that they go through life seeing and knowing everything. Only Creator sees and knows All! It's that they have a more keenly attuned awareness than most of us. You can't lie to an empath, clairvoyance is my little voice
Females and gay men are naturally more open to subtle energies and expanded awareness, hence "women's intuition." When men do develop their intuiting abilities, they can become powerful psychics due to their inherent focusing ability.
With clairvoyance, a person can see auras (energy around people and things), disembodied energies and beings, visions of past, present or future events and other non-physical phenomena. These mystic encounters can occur with eyes open or closed.

5) Premonitions -

Aspect of clairsentience when you get a strong sense of something about to happen, then it does. Again what I call the little voice, 100% accuracy
6) Prophetic Dreams -

When you have a dream that comes to pass in real time. The dream doesn't always happen EXACTLY the way you perceived it in the dream state. Dreams are symbolic. The emotional elements are the tell-tale signs of a prophetic dream. Careful in letting highly charged emotional dreams take over your thoughts. This is sometimes the way that the subconscious mind releases strong emotions or fears. You usually don't know a dream is prophetic until it comes to pass. So, don't give extra energy and attention to an emotionally negative dream. If it is meant to be, you can't control it, but you don't have to give energy to it. Put the thought into Divine Hands. Ask that false visions be removed from your mind.

7) Apparitional Manifestations -

The seeing of an apparition or 'ghost' - one that appears to your normal vision, is the epitome of mystic encounters. This I have seen many times in form of light beings roughly the shape of a human but without detail features, just light. And the shapeless patches of light I see on the walls, like tiny rainbows, And of course, the most frequent ones the sparklies and orbs.

Apparitions can become visible to us when the conditions are right. What we are seeing is a vibratory change in energy. Either they are vibrating more to our dimension or we are raising our vibration to theirs, or there is a vibratory change in the area or in both parties.

Some places are energetically charged, like a vortex, where energy can be experienced in supernatural ways. Oracles historically have been named such by the location of a mystical vortex i.e., Oracle at Delphi. In these magical places, sensitive people were able to perceive otherworldly sights and sounds. They were purported to be able to contact deities and relay information.

Sometimes apparitions have no form, they are seen as smoke or energetic substance.
To Be Continued
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 
ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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