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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Elemental Conference

The Elemental Conference

Hi, my dear friends and followers. I wish to share with you today a short fictional story. Although it might be fictional it still rings very true in the real world. Thank you very much for visiting my blog

"I can't believe how people can let the greedy overlords hold them in servitude and allow them to pollute their environment! They do not so much as try to stop the overlords who force the others of their kind to rape, pillage and render my spirit barren for the sake of their greed for more wealth," Earth Mother Spirit said.

"I know. We give them so much, yet they always want more, and in return all we receive back for thanks is the filth that they dredge up from the lower elements. We can't allow for this to go on for much longer!” Water replied.
“And there are also the green plants I produce for them, the trees and forests, torn away to make room for farming, farming in soil not meant for cultivation. Now this land lies fallow, dormant, as dead as the desert sands!” Earth Mother Spirit cried.

"They are short-sighted, arrogant, and selfish." Wind declared.
"Thank you for helping us to teach them a lesson," Earth Mother Spirit said to Wind. Those tornadoes should wake them up and get them to change."

"I hope so" was Wind’s plaintive response.

“As more of the polar ice melts, Water has been doing her by flooding the coastlines. I thank you too for doing your part, Water, Earth Mother Spirit declared.

“It is my honor to be of service, dear Earth Mother Spirit,” Water chimed.

"Fire is angry and has been rampaging the dry areas. Those areas need not be tinder dry if it weren't for the interference with the watershed by the avarice of those humans who live to extract more riches from the lower elements. These are the very elements that keep Earth alive!” Earth Mother Spirit warned.

“Certainly those elements that do not belong at the surface! They are Earth’s life blood! Extracting them from the lower levels to the surface only causes lowering of the water table, choking off the life essence of Earth, “ Water said.

Wind nodded in agreement.

"So when did you and Fire start talking to each other?" Earth asked Water.

"Wood told me what was happening,” Water responded."

"Fire burned more than 10,000 acres last month. That's right, Earth; I helped her," Wind said. "No one wants to be around when Fire is angry. Only Water can control her or hold her back, but Water stayed away and let Fire do her thing."

"We have waited too long for humans to act wisely and stop the 'overlords' before they damage Earth beyond healing," Water observed.

"Yes, we cannot afford to give them more time," Earth Mother Spirit responded.

Soil, whose humility made him taciturn, decided to speak: "We, the Elements, have followed the patterns set for us, and we have abided by the Golden Rule of the Natural Order, but people have broken it too many times. They cannot be allowed to continue if Earth Mother Spirit is to survive. I think we should wait for a few more full moons before we unleash the worst."

"Yes, let us give them a bit more time," the Elements agreed. For the millionth time.
Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. Have a great day. 
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