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Monday, 28 December 2015

The Imagineers

The Imagineers

Hi, dear friends and followers. Today's topic is about Imagineers, this could be in the form of engineers, researchers, scientists, writers, dreamers of all sorts Etc. Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you enjoy reading.
Imagination is more important than knowledge, knowledge being based on fact. What you can see, touch, hear, and taste is what we perceive as the material world, and the knowledge we have as fact is very limited and on but one level of true reality. But in the many levels of imagination, there exist many layers in true reality. Layers that can only come to be reality through the manifestation of the imagination and imagination is limitless because new thoughts are being born every second of every day.
These many layers have very real differences. Today's science fusion, "the fusion" of scientific theories becomes tomorrow's reality, laying the framework for what is termed realistic fiction. This would also be the same for horror, fantasy, romance, and mystery. The difference is in how you read them, criticize them, and how you perceive them, or how the dreamer envisions or imagines it will be.
Those who actively imagine are the true engineers of what will be. They are the "Imagineers" building bridges between realities. I have been a fan of fantasy and science fiction, for many years, since I was old enough to read a comic book, which is nigh on to 60 years, and I still very much love escaping into the realms of the worlds unseen.  That is what I call them. I belive that the realm of science, fantasy, or science fiction and fantasy allow people to think that there are possibilities beyond the gravity of our planet. 

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