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Monday, 9 December 2013

Animal Whispering

Hi, I lived most of my growing up years in the bush country of Northern Ontario. Never gave it much thought but after coming across some  topics on animal whispering after watching the movie, (horse whisperer) I became curious on this topic and began doing some research. I believe I am  what one could call an "animal whisperer."

I can sit on a park bench and have squirrels climb up on my shoulders, look in my eyes, and let out a couple chirps, then leave again. Same with birds, raccoons, rabbits, skunks, cats, dogs, and any other variety of domestic animals as well as my friends from the wilds, large or small. Respect them and give them their distance and let them come to you.

If you were to ask me how I do it, I would have to simply shrug my shoulders that I didn't know except that it just a feeling inside. All I know for certain is that they feel as comfortable around me as do I around them.

I know what they are feeling, I am what is termed an empath. I am not certain about reading thoughts per-say but the end result is that I can sense their emotions and feelings which can tell one much about what their thinking. Animals do think, well you know, they reason with emotion and feeling is as closely as I can describe it.

This ability, of being empathic, a sensitive or intuitive is like a two edge sword where it can feel more like a  curse then a gift at times especially around humans.  But I am able to feel the profundity of nature to the nth degree without the dark clouds I sometimes feel in humans. I will sit there incredulously trying to make sense of why mankind is so intent on destroying and hurting other living things 

The essence or the soul of our Our Great Mother,* and all that lives upon here are interconnected, integrated like a web. Why so much turmoil? We are all integrated to the Great Mother each of us as one thread of many threads that weave an infinite web which makes up the fabric of the entire universe. We are the seeds of the mother, all living things are. So for those who have a highly developed sense of empathy and intuition allows us to communicate through feelings actually communicate with animal through an exchange of feeling one another's being within.

Personally I believe in my heart that each and everyone of us are can learn to get in touch with the empath within, to connect with the cosmic web.  It is said in Native American tradition that our purpose for our being here is to be the keepers of nature. The Great Mother's gardeners and keepers of her gardens. No matter however brief our time is here, if a person has nursed one flower or has been kind to their fellow four leggers, fined and winged ones as well as the two leggers. Or one has helped others even if that just be by example, then you have affected another life the lives of many, true kindness and compassion of their hearts, (unconditional love,) will go a long ways to bring back our mothers garden to full bloom once again. That is a manifestation of the heart that will never be forgotten. We are given these wonderful gifts of silent communications with other living beings and opportunity and privilege to do our part in caring for our mother, use them well.

I do believe that this may be the higher purpose we need to follow.I also feel that we are here to help enlighten those who will accept by choice to find their inner thread so that they may join with the dance of life and to weave the living threads of restoring our our Great Mother, our home back to the order it once was. 

I still go for walks and silent speak to the little ones, I love walking in nature, always something new to discover.


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