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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Mentor's Peak”

Hi, dear friends and followers.  Today I wish to entertain you with a poem, one of my own compositions.  It's about a place even more ancient than mankind itself, The Mentor's Peak.
Have a great read and comments are most welcome. Thank you and enjoy!

The Mentor's Peak”

I hear the beat of their powerful wings

long before my eyes can see!

Before their regal shapes take form to me

I know that there are dragons flying in the sky!

They make a sound that feels like thunder,

loud thumping, vibrating the loose soil under foot!

They come over the mountain tops in single file,

then in twos and threes as they fill the sky.

They fly not noticing me hugging the ground

to keep from being blown away from my perch

on the edge of the mountain that they make their home.

One alights next to me, great wings outstretched.

It speaks, with human voice, “Better come with me, lass.

It's a long way to to the Mentor's Peak”

So up on its back, then away, off the ground,

then swooping down and soaring high!

Mighty wings! So ponderous these beasts!

Yet as agile in the air as the insects.

Always moving, never tiring we fly,

over hill and dale, cliff and crag, lake and stream.

Never tiring, we keep moving forward to where?

I do not know, I just feel I have to go.

It is late afternoon when I see land again,

as I see the others before me, outlined against an orange sun.

Giant shadows, for the moment , having their innocent fun.

Rising, diving, looping, repeating

In a game of dragons.

In their meeting, we have arrived,

my mighty mount said in a human voice.

Bodies sparkled magically in the darkness of night,

their wingspans glowing like gold, powerful tails in joy entwining;

Playing, while the moon is shining over the water.

Oh, how wondrous is this sight

When great dragons show delight!

We can see our Mentors coming - 

Wisest dragons of the land are here tonight.

We bow our heads to show respect

And keep our wings folded, but not until

the dragon who chose me,

presses my head down lightly with his mighty wing.

“Humans, too,” he whispers in my ear.

We listen to the Mentors, teaching, telling tales of long ago,

sharing an ancient wisdom, from a time before man.

We share the knowledge of our Mentors.

It is an honor to be here.

I listen carefully as they tell the story of before humans,

and through history up to the day of the humans.

“Pay attention, for now this is your story,”

the dragon whispers in my ear once again.

“Wisdom is passed on for you now.

Listen well and respect the wisdom of the Mentors.

We hope to be like them one day,

Continuing in our ancient traditions.”

Knowledge is never lost, but for one to receive it,

listen well to the calling in your heart,

and follow that calling without fear and without doubt.

For that voice within is your beacon.

I fly with my friends on great leathery wings.

I am free and my heart soars,

soaring as high as my many wings will take me.

My dragon mentor in human form.

Thank you very much my dear friends and followers for coming to my blog to read this special little poem I have written just for you

I would be pleased to have a dialog on this topic, express what you think and feel. Thank you
ڪےWith love from your Fairy Ladyڪے

Written by me Cynthia

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