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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Hidden Wings

Hi dear friends and followers welcome, today I have a poem for you, composed by me.

Hidden Wings

In the dark, I awoke.

I knew I had to find my way

into the light that is covered

by the velvet darkness,

from within the catacombs of this underworld.

I stand in lace and leather,

A warrior I am; my skin glistens,

even in the darkness of the catacombs.

I feel the movement of cool air

brushing past my hot cheek.

Down at this depth, cold was not.

I listen! My skin tingles

as I hear a faint, distant sighing sound,

from down the corridor to my right.

My limbs suddenly unfold

from my sitting position.

Gracefully I move down the corridor

towards the flow of the cooler air.

It was as though she was drawn to this movement of air,

much like a moth is drawn to a flame,

even knowing full well the flame might burn.

I find myself without a care in this moment,

every feeling I feel is almost erotic in nature!

A voice whispers in my ears, seductively,

"Follow me, if you will, if you wish to know the light."

It whispers to me, "If you wish to know freedom

follow closely what I tell you!"

The voice of no one whispers in her ear:

"You're lover awaits for you in the light.

A shining warrior of light is he."

Into the darkness she went,

her breasts heaving as she climbed the stone wall,

as sure-footed as any mountain goat, she was!

As a little girl she watched and trained,

now hand over hand, foot after foot she climbed.

Into another world she emerged,

in the darkness of above-ground's night.

And for her the nighttime we see so darkly

was like the brilliance of the noon of day!

Her life to this point had been a riddle;

fingers slithering on slime-coated, cold stone walls,

in the unyielding darkness of the underground.

That was all she had known since her beginning.

She heard tales of the surface, but never journeyed forth,

to investigate and see what was lay beyond

the dark walls of her underground home.

A protective and safe place it was to her,

dark, like her mother's womb.

She felt secure with the heart beat

of the Great Mother Earth.

In the underground was a symphony of sounds,

some soothing, some frightening,

like vibrations and self-soothing lotion.

She looked around and listened

to the night that echoes a whimpering sound.

"I want to see and embrace the secrets inside me!

I have an insatiable craving to see

What lay on the surface world!

Are there others there like me?"

But she asked herself and had no answer.

In the current of air she could now hear

Moaning, moaning, repeatedly.

She broke to the surface, swooping upwards,

then back down, as agile as any bird of prey.

She stood with her leathery wings spread,

then folded them to her back

and ventured into the woods.

Soon it would be daylight; 

she remembered well the teachings:

"Hide from the light by day lest it strike you blind!"

Tucking my pillows of leaves, groping by my knees,

I snuggled inside a dark den and rubbed my eyelids.

Then slowly, satisfactorily complete, 

I curled up on my bed of leaves

and soon I was drifting in the world of dreams

Tonight I will venture out once again,

to explore this mysterious world above...

Composed by Cynthia ©

Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. have a great Sunday. 

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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