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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Sophia of the Sea

Sophia of the Sea

Thank you dear friends and follower, for visiting my blog. take five and read this wonderful little story I have submitted for you to enjoy. Thank you.
By Charlotte Brooks

When I was a child we would spend most of our holidays in a little cottage by the sea.

West Wales felt like a second home for me and my older brother. There was something magical about the air down there. The sound of the water lapping quietly against the sea shore could be heard from my bedroom window. Every night I would lie awake and listen to that calm and tranquil sound. It would send me off to sleep like a child's lullaby.

We would spend most of our days playing on the sandy beaches that seemed to stretch for miles. I would look out to sea and long for its enchantment to capture me. I hoped I would see a mermaid or perhaps a water horse galloping along on the White surf. My brother would tell me my imagination was too fancy.

One particular day we were playing in some rock pools when I happened to stumble across something shimmering in the ripples. As I got nearer it seemed to sparkle even more. As I reached for it with my pale hands and grasped it tightly its light shone brighter and brighter. As I lifted it out if the cold water I could see it was a pearl. Maybe it was part of a mermaid's necklace? I looked at it for what seemed ages. Completely fascinated by its twinkling and sparkling features.

"Issy what are you doing?" Cried my brother. "Come and see these crabs!"

I gently placed the pearl into the pocket of my jacket for safe keeping.

We played on the beach until the sun went down. When we got back to the cottage I remembered the pearl and I took it out of my pocket. At that moment, my mum walked in. She asked me what I had found. When I told her she smiled.

"Issy come and sit with me for a moment" came her soft and gentle words.

"I think you have been extremely fortunate to have found a mother of pearl from a mermaid's necklace".

"Really?" I exclaimed. I could not believe my luck.

"Legend has it that whenever the moon is full and bright in the night sky, the mermaids of the sea come up to the surface and have a party with all of the sea creatures. They ride beautiful white horses on the surf. They will also help to guide sailors to safety if they are in trouble and so will very occasionally come to the waters edge. It is at times like these they like to leave small gifts for little children like you to find."

"Oh, mum have you ever seen a mermaid?" I asked eagerly.

"I did once. A very long time ago when I was your age. I found a pearl, just like you, and the very next evening I met her" came her reply.

"What did she look like?" I asked intrepidly.

"Well, I can't say too much sweetheart because it's a secret. I promised I would never tell a soul. But I can tell you this my darling. She was radiant and beautiful. But I have a feeling you may get to meet one of your own soon". She winked at me and smiled.

I didn't get much sleep that night. I was so excited. I lay awake wondering if I would ever meet my very own mermaid. What would I say to her? What would we do?

The next day we visited Emerald Quay, a beautiful little place mum and dad often took us to. It was quiet and secluded and the water was crystal clear. You could see right to the bottom, where the fishes swam peacefully. The sun was shining high up in the sky and there wasn't a cloud in sight. My brother was fishing to see what small creatures he could find, whilst I played on the small shingle beach. I imagined myself dancing in the sea with the mermaids, singing and laughing, without a care in the world. I pretended I was Queen Amelia of the sea, looking after all of the sea creature folk.

We went home tired and hungry. We scoffed fish and chips and ice cream cones. It was magical.

Later that night whilst I was sleeping something woke me. A very quiet sound on the wind called to me. A very faint whisper.

"Issy, Issy"

I could just make out someone was calling me.

I turned back my bed covers and crept across the creaky floorboards to the window, for it sounded as if the whispering was coming from outside. I strained my eyes underneath the gleaming moonlight. I looked out to sea where there was a rock and I could just make out the shape of a figure sat on the rock. They appeared to be motioning to me. I paused for a minute. Were my eyes deceiving me? Was I dreaming? As I looked again I could still see the figure waving to me.

I made my way downstairs, slowly and steadily. I could hear my dad and brother snoring heavily. I remember thinking how cold the floor was beneath my feet. I reached for some socks and my shoes and draped my coat around my shoulders. I quietly opened the front door and I looked outside. The cottage was right on the beach so soon I could feel the sand squidging beneath my feet. The sound of the sea was lapping against the seashore and the stars were twinkling in the moonlit sky.

As I neared the seashore I could see the figure bobbing up and down in the sea.

"Issy, come here, come here!" Came the voice excitedly.

"Who are you?" I bravely asked.

" My name is Sophia. I am a mermaid!"

A mermaid? Really? I couldn't believe my eyes. Sure enough, there was her beautiful shiny tail, glistening in the brilliant moonlight.

“Did you find my gift I left for you?” She asked.

The mother of pearl I found at the beach had been left for me especially.

“Would you like to come to our special midsummer moonlight party? The queen is expecting you” Sophia asked me intrepidly.

“Oh yes please!” I exclaimed.

With that, her beautiful white horse rose from the waves, its mane flowing in the wind. I took Sophia's hand as she helped me climb onto Beauty, her trusty steed.

We disappeared beneath the emerald coloured waves. The colours underneath the sea shone brilliantly under the rays streaming through from the moon high in the sky.

We skimmed through the water with such ease, and I could see in the distance a majestic crystal castle twinkling. As we drew closer I was in awe of its size and power. Beauty pulled up right outside the castle gates. Sophia helped me dismount and led me through the vast castle doors. The sound of music and laughter travelled down the long corridors.

“Come with me Issy”. Sophia led me into a little room. It was adorned with beautiful ball gowns and sparkling tiaras. She reached for a brilliant turquoise gown with flowers adorning it, and a silver tiara with jewels to go with it. Some turquoise spotty shoes finished off my outfit.

“There, now you are ready. There are some people I would like you to meet”.

Sophia led me into the ballroom, and it was there that I met Queen Amelia, mermaid and protector of the sea. Her hair was a deep red and her curls tumbled down around her face.

“Issy, it is so very nice to meet you. Sophia tells me you have become friends and that you found her gift. How are you finding our world under the sea?” She asked.

“It is beautiful. I wish I could stay here forever!” I replied.

“I have something for you my love”. She reached for a small box and inside was a beautiful pearl necklace.

“I hear from Sophia what a caring and loving person you are. Your kindness and goodness does not go un noticed. This necklace is a gift to remind you how special you are”. She reached over and placed it around my neck. I could not stop looking at its beauty.

We danced the night away. We sang, we laughed, we had such fun playing together. But as the moon gradually started to fade and the sun started to rise I knew it was time for me to go home. My family would be missing me. I climbed onto Beautys back and he carried me back to the seashore with Sophia swimming along side. I turned to my new found friend.

“Will I ever be able to visit you again?” I asked sadly.

“We mermaids only come to the surface of the sea at special times of the year, such as midsummer, or hallowe'en when the seasons change. The rest of the year we are busy caring for all of the sea folk. And we move around, so we may not be here in this particular place again for a while” came Sophia's reply.

I felt very sad now, knowing that I may not get to see the friend that I had just made again.

Sophia smiled.

“But remember Issy. The mother of pearl I gave you. It's magical. If ever you are feeling sad or blue, take it in your hand, hold it tight and say these words:

“Mother of pearl, warm and bright

Guard me as I sleep at night

For if I'm sad or feeling blue

I know you will be there looking out for me too”

“By saying these words I will always respond to you, no matter where I am. I will give you a sign I am listening and thinking of you. You are so kind and loving, Issy. Never forget that”.

And with that, she and her trusty steed had departed. All that was left was myself and the soft ripples of the sea lapping at the seashore. I ran back to our cottage and climbed back into bed before anyone had noticed I was gone.

When I awoke I thought to myself it must have all been a dream. I checked my pocket in my coat and there was the mother of pearl, glimmering softly. To my amazement when I looked in the mirror I was still wearing the necklace that Queen Amelia gave to me. I would treasure it always.

As the years passed we frequently returned to West Wales, but I never did get to meet my mermaid friend again. I would often look out to sea, hoping and wishing I would see her, dancing on the waves. But there were times when I needed a friend to talk to and tell all my worries to. It was during these times I would hold the mother of pearl tight and say those precious words that Sophia taught me to say:

“Mother of pearl, warm and bright

Guard me as I sleep at night

For if I'm sad or feeling blue

I know you will be there looking out for me too”

The mother of pearl would shine brighter than ever before and I would hear Sophia's soft voice whisper to me:

“Issy always remember how kind and good you are”.

It was then that I knew she would always be watching over me.

Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. have a great day.

ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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