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Friday, 7 June 2013

More Food for Thought

In this time of much sorrow and death, I find it appropriate timing to clarify something for the human race.  (Big words, I know, but I have a strong foundation)

An individual’s life is a constant quest to find their way back to the Light from which they came.  I am not talking about the Light of any doctrine.  I am talking about true Divinity.  See Divinity has always been everything.  I don’t think people grasp exactly how literally to take this.  There is the Light of Divinity and the Dark Divine.  They are two very equal sides.  In the beginning, or should I say, before the existence of Time.  For time is but a measure and I am speaking of measurelessness.  I don’t mean it is beyond measure, just that there is no point.  There is more beyond what I am about to explain, but let’s stay closer to home for now.

What could be termed the Divine Council created the Light of Divinity and the Dark Divine.  I use to see it as two spheres wrapped inside each other.  That was an inaccurate picture.  It is more like the infinity symbol.  On one side of the figure eight is the Light of Divinity.  On the other side is the Dark Divine.  The Council chose to put a pinpoint hole between the two and see what happened.  (Maybe I will remember that part in time.)  Since the Dark Divine is a vacuum, when the hole appeared the Light of Divinity was sucked into the Dark Divine.  (what’s really strange is that I can see this from the point of view of outside both, like I am watching a tiny experiment) 

Anyway, since then the race has been on.   Light swirled in Vacuum, except that the Light and the Vacuum both have cognizance.  It is all about frequency.  In a very sterile, cold, and logical wording, It is a Great Experiment of mixing Light and Dark cognizant frequencies and watching them dance.  Everything is this energy because the mere clashing of opposites slowed down the Light frequency and gave frequency to the Dark.  This is why neither side is destructible because no matter what you do to either side, you are only changing frequencies.  It still maintains the same Intelligence.
So when you manifest into this dimension, reality, planet (whatever you want to call it)  and you are in a form that cycles life and death, then what you are doing in life is just trying to figure out which frequency you came from.  Truly “evil” people are only living their lives to find their way back to whatever part of the Dark they came from. 

So it is with those whose Spirit is a slower frequency of Light.  You are only searching for which part of the Light frequency you are from.  This is why there are many religions and many different paths.  There are many frequencies of Light and not all resonate in total harmony.  If there were no dissonance in the song, the race would be ended and this Great Experiment would be at an end.  That is how Divinity can say “I am the beginning and the end”  because time is irrelevant to Divinity.  There was a beginning to be sure, there was even a before that, but I cannot explain that one in words…well, not yet, anyway.

So as these times increase in difficulty, remember that those who are lost in the cycle of death have only returned to the frequency from which they came.  They will return again in a different frequency to race the Great Race that is life. In the living universe


  1. This view is in keeping with that of life existing elsewhere in the universe other than on Earth - a rather widely-held belief that makes perfect sense to me. IMHO all of us are individually tiny projections of the Creator of the universe and in that regard we are all "godly" or descended from a power superior to ourselves. I cannot prove this any more than it can be concretely disproven.

  2. Even if one was to find only one planet that supports life in one galaxy, how many galaxies are there in the universe?

  3. The Mind is a powerful thing Sis

  4. Yes it is sis and our fantasy, well those who would call it fantasy, actually exists somewhere, fairies, dragons, unicorns, but the mean ones live in another reality, just like the mean people here will be. :o)