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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Dragon God Gneicht;

Dragon God Gneicht;

Gneicht is the ruler of the Night... of doorways and opportunities. (both opening and closing them)

As a guide his visit speaks of opportunities, both taken and missed, depending on the type of message he brings you...

Veaug (vog)
Dragon God of obscurity and that which is hidden; does not like assisting in hiding actions or objects. This dragon is adept at finding things from the Ancients that have been lost in obscurity (old tomes, amulets, magickal items) His assistance can further the summoners knowledge greatly, but he is easily angered, be sure that the item you seek is worth his time before calling upon him...

Morthan (moor'-z'dan) Dragon Goddess of bountiful harvests of all kinds; Mother aspect of Dragonkind. Nurturing, Protective and Generous...
Call on Morthan when in need of emotional support or financial assistance.

Luqueas (luk-wee-ass, long U, long E)
Dragon trickster God; take great care when inviting His presence. He is a joker, a wild card. His action are not always in the best interest of the summoner. He is like a politician, he can talk circles around most people & beings, but his words are not always truthful. He can be a strong ally... If you are careful.

Tysteal (tiss'-dell)
Dragon Shepherd Goddess; guardian of the meek; a dragon person's first line of defense.
Call upon Tysteal when in need of Protection.

Mordak (moo-ór-dak)
Dragon God of war, vengeance and retributions of all kinds; make dead certain that you are within your magickal rights before calling Him down, as he is not amused by a fallacious summons.

Davliteau (dav-lí-too)
Dragon God of conjured entities; very helpful in ridding one's self of "sent" conjurations and the like; benevolent to the core; very helpful and willing attendant being, though He has little power in other areas. He acts as a protector from other Beings or Dragons who are sent to harass or harm you. He can be called upon when you are having trouble controlling one of the lesser Beings.

Ouida (o-weed'-a, long O, soft a)
Dragon Goddess of guidance.

Call upon Ouida when you are uncertain of your Path, if you are unsure of which life-choice to make. She can help with decisions about finances, marriage, carrier choices, etc.
She is one who stands in the Doorway of Time, Looking both ways at once.

I do not know what She governs, or what aspects She controls, but She has proven Herself invaluable in the area of guidance.

Solange (so-londg')
Dragon deity of healing. Though Dragons rarely become involved in human affairs, Solange cares about those who care for others. He will lend a healing touch to any beneficial healing spell, but there is a price for His assistance. He requires the planting of fruit trees (three at the least and 9 at the most) for his services. He will also attend to your herb garden and bless it with His dragon power.

Ryusan (rí-u-san,Translates literally to "my dragon." Ryusan, of the three-headed Japanese variety, is best at consoling and nurturing a hurt spirit, whether it be in a host body or not. Ryusan is an expert at guiding spirits on to their next journey.

One source says that Ryusan can contact those who have passed on, Whilst another has said that....(I am not sure what else this deity can/will do, but I do know that Ryusan can not contact those who have passed on, as I have attempted to acquire Ryusan’s assistance in that area to no avail, though I have received great comfort from Ryusan over the years.)
I have this........

"The very idea that there are those that hold such ability can not be proven of truth nor of falsehood. We are amused to such claims and state no confirmations to such claims."

It is a Guardian of the Veil and stand between our realm and the realm beyond. This is the Dragon you would call upon with assistance in Divination...

Wicca Dreamer Mary

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