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Friday, 21 March 2014

The Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine

Come O Holy Sophia! Fill us with your presence!
Our eyes are open --
Our ears are open to hear and to receive you, Come!
O Come we want to know your mystery and your wisdom.

What does it mean when someone praises the divine feminine? Or when someone says the divine feminine is the way to healing and enlightenment? Or that the divine feminine is reawakening our world at this time, heralding a return to higher frequencies of light and thought? Is this a Christian concept? Buddhist? Pagan? New Age? Is it tied to religion? Or is it a spiritual concept? What is its history and where are its roots?

The answer is simple. The divine feminine is the goddess is in all traditions, and has been since the beginning of time. These traditions are a mystical, magical, powerful, part of primal Mother Earth. They symbolize balance and healing, renewal and restoration.

Sophia is a very ancient form of the Goddess of Wisdom. She is known in many traditions by different names but she carries the mantle of intuitive intelligence. Sometimes she is Isis, spreading her wings of ascension. Sometimes she is Asherah, the original bread of life. Mary Magdalene is said to have been an incarnation of Sophia.

The Old Testament’s King Solomon had a deep and profound relationship with Sophia. She was revered as the wise bride of Solomon by the Jewish people. In Greek mythology, Athena was the goddess of wisdom and weaving; the owl and the olive tree were sacred to her.

The symbol of Sophia is the dove, depicted as the bird descending from the heavens, known in Christianity as the Holy Spirit.

Isis is the Egyptian goddess of magic, fertility, and motherhood. She has gone by many names, such as the Queen of the Heavens, Star of the Sea, Light-Giver of Heaven, Lady of Green Crops, and She Who Knows How To Make Right Use Of The Heart.

She is the Great Mother of fertility, of creation, of life and death. Some see the Mary, the mother of Jesus, as an incarnation of Isis.

The exotic and mysterious Black Madonnas have their roots in the pre-Christian goddess traditions. In southern Provencal tradition, the Black Madonna is associated with St. Sara, the patron saint of the gypsies. Many believe the European shrines to the Black Virgin have special healing powers. These energetic places often have a sacred water source and a Celtic foundation. The Black Madonna is another form of the feminine principle.

So what is the feminine principle?

Simply put, her principles are ones of nurturing, of love, understanding, compassion, insight, intuition, creativity, forgiveness, healing, and wisdom.

Whatever your beliefs and choice of traditions are, whether She appears to you as Ishtar or Mari, Gaia or Quan Yin, as the great Mother Mary or Magdalene, or as one of the pantheon of goddesses from ancient Egypt or Greece or Rome, to Africa or the Middle East, to the cults of the Black Madonna, or whether she is spun from one of the archetypes of the indigenous tribes, such as Spider Woman, the divine feminine is still the primordial She who creates from a central source.

The qualities and characteristics of the goddess are woven into this web that transcend time and place. All models of the divine feminine spring from this matrix.

Below are my associations of that matrix of divine feminine essence, from A-Z.

A is for Astarte, she of the womb, a Mother Goddess, one who creates;

B is for blood, for new life passes through her womb and is birthed by it;

C is for clarity, for the Goddess holds the mirror of reflection for whoever seeks her;

D is for deity for the Goddess is the feminine form of God;

E is for elevation, for the divine feminine shows us how to raise our vibration using the serpent energy of kundalini, and become one with all;

F is for forgiveness, for forgiveness moves us forward and opens our hearts;

G is for goddess, that we may keep repeating the word over and over until we incorporate it daily into our vocabulary, acknowledging the feminine form of divinity;

H is for Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of motherhood, beauty, and joy;

I is for Isis and Ishtar and Inanna, all goddesses of fertility;

J is for Jesus, for he got it; he understood the feminine principles and exalted them;

K is for kindness, for kindness restores hope;

L is for love, for the divine feminine embodies the power of love, especially in her body;

M is for Mary Magdalene, She who opens the doorway to the deeper mysteries;

N is for Nefertiti, Egyptian Queen, Mistress of Happiness, and beloved wife of Akhenaten;

O is for osmosis, for when we follow the ways of the heart, everyone around us feels it;

P is for pentagram, an ancient symbol of the goddess;

Q is for Quan Yin, the Asian goddess of compassion and mercy;

R is for Rhiannon, the Celtic goddess of the moon;

S is for Shakti, the Hindu mother goddess, the source of all;

T is for together, for we are all connected;

U is for universe, for the goddess is and has always been a universal consciousness;

V is for Venus, the Roman goddess of love and sexuality; the creational earth mother and jewel of the sky;

W is for the wild woman who reminds us that freedom is essential;

X is the variable, the wild card, whatever you need it to be;

Y is for Yemanya, the African and Brazilian goddess of the sea;

Z is for zenith, for with the celebration of the divine feminine, we will rise to greater heights.

The Goddess is our primary life force on the planet. If we don’t utilize the love, nurturing, understanding, and kindness of the divine feminine within all of us, we will not survive. We need this essence to return balance to our world, our bodies, and our lives.

We need to remember her ways, these ways of the divine feminine, so we can expand our conscious awareness and focus on global issues in dispute. We need the Great Mother to lead us and teach us, so we can find new ways to resolve old issues and enter into peaceful co-existence with each other.

The life force of the divine feminine is the spark that will help us ignite a deeper spiritual, technological, and biological transformation. Her sustainability is our survival.

by Gloria Amendola

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