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Friday, 25 April 2014

The Fary Princess and The Dragon King

The Fary Princess and The Dragon King

One day the young fairy princess, Sabrena, decided to venture out

eager to explore the nearby forest that lay

around the fairy city of Soglemia, where she lived.

The youthful fairy got lost and darkness began to fall.

An owl in a nearby tree hooted loudly

And Sabrena nearly fainted dead away.

Lost and afraid she sat upon a log and pondered.

Which was the way she had come?, she asked herself.

She wandered about, walked, and rested.

But at the end of each day she was as lost as on the first

One day as she sat by crystal blue lake,

its waters sparkling in the early morning sunlight,

Something in the distance flashed!

In an instant she was on her feet,

and began her trek towards the distant light.

She followed it with hope in her heart.

“Yonder sparkle surely is where I must go,”

Sabrena thought as she unfolded her wings.

She had never used her wings for great distances afore

But today it was important that she did.

So went the lost fairy princess of Soglemia,

A young princess whose wings had not yet fully matured.

The kingdom of Soglemia would greatly miss her

And that might even lead to its mourning and decline.

She flew and flew to where she could fly not any more,

and she landed in the thick forest and sat upon soft grass.

She did not know when or how long she had slept,

but when she awoke dawn was approaching.

She looked about at her surroundings

and saw a path going leading into the forest.

Starting from grassy knoll on which she had lain,

she began to follow the direction of the path.

Suddenly, without warning, she came out of the woods.

She heard it before she saw it, a heavy beating sound,

like that of someone beating a very large rug.

She turned in the direction of the sound and saw it.

A dragon with spread wings glided down to the ground

and landed on its large clawed feet ,

shredding dirt and stones like a plowshare.

It stopped and folded its large leathery wings,

and stood and gazed down at her with fiery red eyes.

Its scales gleamed, even in the dim light of the wood.

A bright red tongue flickered out and back.

Sabrena was too stunned to move!

She stood, frozen, and stared at the beast,

with distant thoughts at the back of her mind,

Like, “When will he eat me?”

Then to her amazement she watched the dragon waver,

like a snake in a charmer's basket.

Fading in and out of reality, the form changed

from that of a dragon to a human shape.

When the wavering stopped she watched, transfixed,

as the shape became a man whose back was turned to her.

As the man turned slowly, the more she saw,

and a tingling went up her spine.

It was the young knight of the kingdom adjoining hers!

She had seen him before and even had a few meetings with him

But she would never have guessed that she had been dating

the famous Ramad, the Dragon King!

She melted into his arms as he carried her away...

The large wing reappeared as King Ramad returned to Soglemia

With his fairy princess, Sabrena, in his arms.

Writen by Cynthia ©

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