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Saturday, 26 April 2014



I have made some research on these beings but have not had much success at finding anything that details them to any extent, so a good part of this post has been filled-in with my own thoughts.

Ashrays have their origins attributed to Scottish mythology. They can be male or female and are completely translucent water creatures. Ashrays are also known as Asrais, or water-lovers, and are often mistaken for sea ghosts. My thought here is since there is such an abundance of beings we call “shape shifters” mentioned in most mythologies that the possibility of these beings being shape shifters cannot be ruled out.

Next time you look into clear waters, try looking for Ashrays, though only during the night. Ashrays are apparently nocturnal creatures. If you manage to capture one, keep the Ashray away from sunlight unless all you want is a puddle of water. It will shift back to its element and as an elemental it can transform itself to any of the elements around it; or shape shift to an elemental reality parallel to ours, only invisible to our perception. That part I will put aside for now and save for a later topic.

Ashrays, both male and female, appear to be about twenty years old in human time, but like many other elementals such as fairies and elves, are much more ancient then their appearance.

They have been lauded for good deeds and blamed for bad, but not enough is known about them to judge their overall intent or temperament where people are concerned. Of course, there is both good and bad, darkness and light, in them. For as long as we are in the temporal state, we follow the laws of dualities, just as any other being or creature would in the temporal state. The temporal state is malleable and depending on what is in your heart, it can be influenced for good or bad by your own choice. I imagine the law of duality would also apply for any of these beings or any other being as well, as long as they are in the temporal state of being.

So we have established that Ashrays are known as the Water Lovers, or another name, Asrais; that these creatures can be either sex, male or female, and can appear to you in a form of your own conception. I have come to the understanding that most, if not all, of these beings have the capability of telepathy and appear to you as what you conceive them to be; they are completely nocturnal and can not live on the land for long; you will find most times under water.

Some of the greatest stories, I believe, are myths and legends. It is amazing what entrancing magic draws you in, and although most are either not aware or if they are aware they will not believe that these beings are real, let alone acknowledge them, except for maybe as legends and myths like one reads in books in a library. So even for the nonbeliever it still has the ability to capture mind.

I think one reason is that myths and legends are set in our world, and some have not been proven wrong. It gives us that wonderfully creepy feeling that there is so much we don’t know about the world of the unseen.

I love studying mythology! It absolutely fascinates me and provides excellent fodder for my writing. I am familiar with many legendary creatures, but I have also found just how much of an incredible number of these creatures I did not know about until I started this blog. But when I came across this a day or two ago it was totally new to me – Ashrays.

Thank you, dear friends and followers, for letting me share this with you. I would greatly love to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you!
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