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Friday, 5 September 2014


Hi dear friends and followers. Yes it's that time again, It's Saturday and you know what that means. It's Frizzy Lizzy time,  

Oh! Hi there, be with you in a moment!”
Frizzy Lizzy shuffles out of the bedroom and across the kitchen floor in her fuzzy slippers and sits heavily on one of the kitchen chairs. The chair squeaks alarmingly but she settles down, both she and the chair remaining in one piece.

After taking a generous drink from her coffee, she sets her mug back down onto the table.
“I was up again early this morning. Must be my 'inner child' playing with matches. Heavens no! This time it was global warming! Given the way that I was sweating, you might think that Mother Nature was giving me a hot bath.”

“A few nights ago I was at my favorite bar with a couple of friends of mine. The topic came up about how it would be so nice to have the body of a 21 year old again. I agreed and told them it was possible. Provided you buy him a few drinks first!

“Well that's the way it is, you know. Wishful thinking won't get you anywhere but the price of a few beers just might do the trick.

“Now that it's back-to-school time I'm at a decision point in my life. I need to decide what to do with my free time. I could go back to school and get a degree in basket weaving or some other simple field. Or I could get a job working as a school bus driver, a teacher's assistant, or in the school cafeteria.”

“Jobs are not that plentiful around here. Sure, there are others. I could be a greeter at Wal Mart but I have this thing called ethics that keeps me from working for them.

I could try a position at McDonald's but with the way those people rin around during lunch time the position that I'd soon have is out the door because I know that I couldn't keep up with them.

And there's always a job as an aide to a nurse's assistant at a local nursing home but after a few hours of helping to lift residents, mopping floors, pushing carts, and making-up beds, I'd be too tempted to sleep in one! Besides that, I'll be in one of those places soon enough anyway!”

“If all else fails I suppose that I could see if any of the other stores have openings but retail just isn't my thing. The first customer to ask me, 'Oh miss, do you work here?' might get an answer that they weren't expecting.

Anyway, that's what's rolling around in my head this morning. If you feel like talking to me and giving me your opinion, should I look for a job or go back to school, I would thank you for your help.

What's that I hear? Is it my knight on his iron horse in the driveway? That's my romantic way of saying that I hear my latest boyfriend outside on his motorcycle. He rides a Harley Soft Tail, and given the way that I feel today, the softer, the better!

I'd better finish dressing! Fast!

Thank you very much for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend, and please don't forget to tell me – school or work, OK?”

ڰۣ In Loving Light from the Fairy Lady ڰۣ

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