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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Follow the leader

Good morning dear friends and followers today I present to you another one of my poems. A poem that is about life, the dark side and the light side, and also about love and hope

Follow the leader

The tangled thread,
the tumultuous clash of humans,
characters and moods flaring,
everyone seeing
from a different set of eyes
like the tumult of fear-crazed,
stampeding buffalo
running to their deaths
over the cliffs edge.
Too blind to see where they go,
so it would seem,
or too stupid to know the difference.
Some see gloom and darkness,
black and gray. 

Some see the light
in all it's magnificent
prism of colors, they glow.

Human relations?
A meat grinder has no preference.
It will devour big and small;
nothing stands in it's way.
It's the behemoth of modern society;
Always hungry and lurking for prey.
It is the beast of the night
dressed as angels through the day.
We came forth to be
the keepers of the garden
Now the garden lays barren,
abandoned by its keepers.
Those who were entrusted,
to it's keeping care
have forsaken and abandoned it
in the chase for riches and power.
Neglected, we realize what has been lost.
Our hearts long for a day of peace,
where love rules supreme.
To create a pretty tapestry of life
With colors so bright
and woven with love.
Egos and greed
and jealousies that breed
will fall to the side.
Trampled emotions, xenophobic creeds
will be no more.
When love rules supreme,
there will be again harmony,
in the heavenly spheres.

Composed by Cynthia ©

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ڰۣ In Loving Light from the Fairy Lady ڰۣ

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