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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Fairy Queen

Hi dear friends and followers I am pleased you are here,today I have another poem for you to enjoy, the fairy queen.    

Fairy Queen

In the last days of winter
the ice fled and the water ran,
and over the sleeping, rolling hills,
Gently blew the southerly breath of spring.

The buds began to sprout new leaves,
as the earth, warmed by the sun's stronger light,
grew again its carpet of moss and grasses green.
A fairy awakens in her bed of down and bark.
Pushing aside the cover of leaves she stood;
stretching her arms she admired
the golden sunshine
as it filtered through the trees,
down to the forest floor.
There below a grand reunion convened!
Forest faie, in twos and threes they came,
to the clearing below, they gathered and cheered,
to greet the beginning of another spring!
Hither and thither, the fairies, they flew,
inhaling the sweet, fresh air of the forest,
the scent of damp earth, and the nascent plants.
Pushing the leaves and bark aside,
the fairy queen stretched her butterfly wings.
Fluttering them, she was off to join,
the fairy folk in their first dance of spring.
As she flew she was joined by her troop and more.
She soaked-in the view of the sunlit forest;
she peered at the glades, the brooks and the lakes.
They all danced over water, marsh, and land.
It was spring in the forest and the world was green again!

The fairy queen stood, in a dazzling gown,
in hues of blue, green, purple, and gold,
adorned with thistledown and dewdrops.
From high on her cherry-blossom perch
the fairy queen convened her court.
“Soon it would be time,” she thought.
While the fairy folk sang, in a circle they danced;
'round and 'round the cherry tree, they danced!
It was evening when the fairy queen lay down to rest.
All was silent save for the melodies of the night;
a delight for the fairy folk
that lulled them into sleep in their cradles fresh,
of cherry and apple blossoms.

As they slept snug and secure
in their fragrant, efflorescent beds,
the night's gentle breeze rocked them.
Through the night all was quiet and sleep secure.
As dawn's light tinged the distant east,
the wee ones of the forest blinked and yawned;
on awakening, they played with the denizens of the forest.
in the glens and fields, the wee fairies moved with the weather,
finding the fair the most fun!

Raindrop Dancing was a pleasure to share!
A sound like great peals of thunder arose
and shook the solid, old cherry tree!
It shook the tree like it was but a sapling.
A flash of brilliant blue-white light
illumined the forest all around.

Brighter than day, in the forest it shone!
Every fairy came and stood by the light
in awe and silent anticipation.
Such thunder and light meant but one thing:
it was for the birth of the new fairy queen!
The new queen arrived in splendor and light,
like a tiny sun at the center of the glade.
All around in the forest did come and attend
the energy that lit the glen brighter than day.
Tendrils of light traced their way across the land
touching all in their path, and those who ailed,
ailed no more as the fingers of the light, of love,
spread all around with a light that darkness retreated.

The source of love,
The source of life;
the living essence spreading,
restoring what was,
back to its original beauty,
where all living things thrive.
But this is not possible,
without the source of light,
The element of the fairy queen.
Composed by Cynthia ©

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ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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