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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Elvon Wizard

Hi dear friends and followers, today is poetry day, Elvon Wizard. Welcome and I hope you find the poem enjoyable

Elvon Wizard

In the mists of times past, ages back, some say,
knights dwelt in the land and their heroics did they,
on well-groomed steeds with tasseled manes.
Proudly they pranced with heads held high,
and snorted and danced,
as the common folk took note of their passage,
in awe of such a sight in their eyes.

Upon the huge horse sat a knight, tall and proud
his long lance to his left, reins on his right.
His armor shone in the midday sun.
The legend on his shield proclaimed, indeed,
that a valiant knight was he.
And unknown valor was needed that day,
For this knight's quest was the least attainable.
Untold others had sought his prize and died;
Still, the horse and rider went on.
His destination soon he would reach.
He would enter what was said to be a treacherous land,
a place of the unknown and of danger unspeakable,
where even the rocks might be one's enemy.
Once through that land, a dragon must be slain.
The dragon was like none other, totally unique.
The last of his line, he was cunning and swift;
Mighty and fearsome, ruthless and shrewd.
No man approached him and told any more.

The shadows grew longer as the evening fell.
The knight sought rest, but it was not to be.
His steady mount knew that danger was around,
in the land where trees were not, 
and neither were stones.That he would soon
Man and beast knew no sleep that evening.
The treacherous land was no place to be.
It protected the dragon only too well.
“'tis a hell of a place to traverse,” thought the knight.
“Avoid it I would, but I would not succeed.
Without Elvon magic I am dead in this forest.
Elvons I will find, or it be the death of me.
His steed bucked and shuddered
as they passed the bones of others;
empty armor, swords and shields
marked the way through this forest dark.
The strong black stallion felt fear inside him
like never had he felt before.
Around a bend he saw them: the Elvon!
Camped they were, no fear in their hearts!
He dismounted and lay in the tall grass, peering,
at the Elvon at their fire, seated.
No Elvon is friends with those from without;
So he into their camp he had to sneak.
Behind a tree he hid, and waited 'til nightfall.
He sought not treasure, nor did he seek fame,
But only to slay the dragon
so the land would be safe again.
He had wished that the dragon
would elsewhere go,
so his quest would not to slay it be.
What goes through the mind of one who waits?
“It feeds on small things, a rabbit, maybe two.”
“It stays put but for moving at night.”
“If I kill it, the lords will cheer
and the ladies will sing,
and all will know of my great deed!”
Then his senses returned and he knew 'twas but piffle.
His quest was not that of a diplomat
to dissuade the dragon from continuing to live
in the treacherous forest, for it's own good.
In the darkens of night he stole,
quickly, into the wooden hut.
Suddenly, the Elvon elder he held,

tightly under his left arm, like a huge loaf,
right hand tightly upon the elvon's mouth.
Out of the hut the knight with his Elvon flew.
Upon the steed with Elvon he clambered.
Through the forest they raced
passing rocks and trees like blurs in the night.
All looked like specters as they rode 'til dawn.
When finally spent, the black stallion stood
on his hind legs, whinnying loudly in protest.
At this they finally stopped to rest.
After rest they plodded along
to that place they were sure that the dragon dwelt.
There they sat and waited for its return
and the knight told the Elvon of their fate.
The Elvon thought a bit and became
ready and willing to cooperate,
When suddenly there came a sound
like that of flapping sails on a ship,
and an ear-splitting screech from above!
No sooner did the knight look up than he leaped
onto the rocks on his right.

A flame shot past him, scorching all in its path.
Then silence; the knight turned to look back.
Upon a rock the Elvon stood,
willow wand in-hand, incantation on his lips.
From the wand there flew a flame of blue
that surrounded and subdued the dragon,
and brought it to the ground.
The Elvon shared his mind with the dragon.
He told it of its peril were it to remain.
Thus was the last of the dragons was spared.
Composed by Cynthia ©

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