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Friday, 14 November 2014

it's Frizzy Lizzy time

Hi dear friends and followers, Yes, today is Saturday, Frizzy Lizzy day. Take five, relax and enjoy. 
Frizzy Lizz

Hi! Come on in! The coffee's on and I'm so glad to see you this morning! Sure, there's coffee, and plenty of it, and I just finished baking some cinnamon rolls, so have one.

I just wasn't ready for this weather, how about you? On Monday it was nice, even warmer than it should be, then this "polar vortex" comes down here. Now what the hell is that about? Did Sarah Palin piss-off the Alaskan weather gods and now they are punishing us?

When is the last time that you saw such snow on November 14? I've seen snow flurries in the middle of October but I don't recall anything like this. I go to sleep with snow showers and wake-up to this mess! We have at least 15 centimeters of snow out there and I just wasn't ready for this.
All of this cold weather makes me feel very athletic, like I want to take-up a new sport: extreme hibernation! And the snow and cold has convinced me that I will be starting at the right time.

I have to give credit to Charley. He got started early on cleaning the sidewalks and the driveway for me. He drove here in his clattering, diesel-powered pick-up truck, took out the gasoline-powered snow blower, put on his hearing protectors, and cleared everything for me while I made us breakfast. I made sausage and eggs with fried potatoes for him. I cooked it very slowly, at about the same speed as he was moving. I turned on the fan so the aroma wafted outside. The longer I was cooking, the better he was working.

Now he could have driven over here in his car, and taken my electric snow blower from the garage, cleared the walks just about as fast, and then come in for breakfast. Why did I mention that? I'll tell you why.

Have you ever noticed how much men like things that make a lot of noise? I mean, the diesel truck with the clicking and clattering engine, the gasoline snow blower, they both make lots of noise yet one can do the same thing with quieter car and an almost silent electric snow blower, but no, Charley opted for the noise.

What do you mean, that's why Charlie likes me? You can leave after your second cinnamon roll, you smart-ass!

Now I ask you, if a fast car didn't make noise, if it just ran like the wind, but it was quiet, do you think that a man would drive it?

I still cannot recall when I have seen so much snow so early in the year! Most of the time the hunters are praying for snow to make it easier to track the deer, and hunting season for deer doesn't start until the first week of December.

What's that? Charley go deer hunting? Susan, the only "dear" that he hunts these days is the two-legged kind, and he seems to be stuck on chasing their behinds! He can chase all he wants as long as the only one he catches is me!

When we first met he was as much into killing a deer as I was able to fly by flapping my arms. He had a nice rifle with a telescope sight, warm clothing, good boots, everything that one would need to hunt deer. He knew where the deer would pass and how far he would have to go to carry one out of the woods, but do you know something? I doubt that he ever fired his gun at a deer.

I believe that he just got dressed and went into the woods at sunrise and took a good, long walk just to get away from the rest of the world, and I never questioned him about that. Really, I was sort of jealous in a way. I wished that I could go with him, but that would have ruined his solitary walk.

Does he hunt small game? Susan, he'll get in on any game so long as there are at least three other players and a deck of cards, but that's another story.

It's slowly warming-up out there. The township has cleared the streets and I need to go out for groceries. Do you want to come along? With this weather one can never have too much bread, milk, or toilet paper.
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Thank you again for dropping by to visit Frizzy Lizzy. I would appreciate knowing what your thoughts are on it, thank you and have a wonderful weekend.
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