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Sunday, 16 November 2014

The forgotten Elvenen

Hi dear friends and followers, today is Saturday, and again I wish to present to you another Poem, The forgotten Elvenen.

So take five and have a read. Enjoy

The forgotten Elvenen

Once there was an enchanted world

whose residents were called the Elven.

It was surely a place

of wonderment and magick;

Lovely it was, nestled on an island

between the two great waterfalls.

It was the place where elves from near and far

gathered to celebrate their festival times.

The dark elves came, and the light ones, too.

Wood elves sailed-in on their boats of wood.

The mountain elves were there,

and the plains ones, too.

The air that day was electrically charged,

with merriment it was filled that day!

But foreboding, like a pall was cast,

like a darkening storm to block their way.

All could feel the magic, but everyone knew

that the lights of these festivities took on a paler hue.

Something lurked, like a restless beast,

the depth of whose darkness is best left untold;

pacing impatiently at the end of it's tether.

The magic and gaiety were close upon

the true reason for this festive night

Wilt thou learn the lore

that from a far land came?

From the Five Lands they came,

Each a point of the pentacle,

as they are often called.

Legend describes them

as the Five Foreign Lands.

This is the mark in history,

where the Elven are great.

The center of their pentacle might be no more.

The tall ones, the humans, they hunger for the land.

Their relentless advance is closer now.

Neither the valiant soldiers

nor for the sorcerers staff fights,

for to take a life

would have broken sorcerer's code.

The festivities on this night

are not for merriment and joy,

but a celebration of the gathering of the wise;

A convention of all elementals.

Shape-shifters, faie, sprites, gnomes, and dwarves,

all living with the essence of nature.

All retained their physical forms;

marvelous and magnificent these beings were!

They sparkled and shimmered

with their radiant inner light;

thousands of years of adaptation

to the elements of nature had gifted them

with this ability to shine from within, without!

In harmony with the forest these denizens dwelt,

and knew it by heart, both day and night.

They were the first true civilization,

the first monument builders.

The festivities fell silent as order was called

What to discuss? All there knew too well.

They were aware of the tall ones,

The barbarians with an insatiable hunger,

to own the land and all it contains,

without regard to none other,

Not even other humans!

Soon they would arrive

at the door step of Elvenen,

with its tall stone structures

lined with heavily ornamented pillars;

with its pyramids, broad plazas and temples,

all lined

along steep cliffs,

with hanging gardens,

overlooking some of the most magnificent

and spectacular waterfalls in the world!

There were blooms

of every variety imaginable;

The assembly room fairly radiated

with their colors.

All were present on that fateful night.

As the darkness drew closer

its life force was felt,

from a distance at first,

like the sound

of a swarm of insects.

The earth beneath their feet vibrated!

And there were peals

of what sounded to them

like distant thunder.

An elder wizard climbed up on a pedestal

and to the heavens he raised his staff.

He chanted to the goddess,

and all there chant with him.

Then all clasped hands

as together they moved.

Slowly in rhythm, circles within circles,

each rotated the opposite direction of the other.

Suddenly came a blinding flash!

A ball of bright blue energy formed,

and descended to just above the sorcerer's head!

"The tools of the ancients still served well,"

the wizard remarked to himself.

Then a low rumbling,

and the earth shook

below their feet!

Yet all continued to dance and chant!

The earth shook

and the rumbles crept closer.

To the tall ones in the valley

it was a sight they had never seen before.

Huge boulders, the size of houses,

rolled uphill towards the summit!

"Earthquake?" one suggested.

Others shouted, "No,

it's the end of the world!

The tall ones would be land was being laid waste

as all assembled danced and chanted,

faster and faster!

The ball of energy grew and grew

as it spiraled upwards,

into dark and roiling storm clouds it changed.

Lightning flashed all around, 

followed by a great bolt of lightning.

No sound could be heard,

but a shock was felt

which made man and beast

to fall flat to the earth;

then a calm

for miles around not a leaf stirred.

The storm clouds dispersed

and the sun shone once more.

Upon reaching the summit,

all that the tall ones could see

was a canyon filed with ruble.

The five points of the pentacle star

had been dimmed

but the spirit of the Elven lived on.

They are in your heart, dear reader

as they live in mine,

and with anyone else who believes,

that they are not only a part of the elements -

but they are the elements.

Have you ever seen a spark of bright light

while walking around the house at night?

Three Rings for the Elvenen-kings under the sky

On that day were joined

Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,

Composed by Cynthia ©.

Thank you again for dropping by and taking a few minutes to read my poem. I would appreciate knowing what your thoughts are on it, thank you and have a wonderful Sunday.
ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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