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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

 Dreams Of Other Worlds

The room filling with a soft ethereal blue pulsating luminescence, analogous in effect to reflected moonlight on the slow moving ripples on a body of water.

At the center of the room a white light roughly the shape of a white carnation grows in size and intensity. It appears to spin in slow motion as it sways and wavers like a dancing ballerina, then begins to pulsate from bright to dim. As it grows brighter, I have this odd feeling, I shivered as though from the cold at the though that if I was to just concentrate sufficiently, I could actually be transported somewhere else where I could actually have the ability to see past the grey veil of of illusion that separated the multi realities.

The room suddenly transforms into an empty dark void where I find myself floating aimlessly, and of a sudden the void is no longer dark as it literally explodes with every color of the rainbow. My entire body tingles in delight like tiny bubbles in a champaign bottle once the cork is removed, my body was filled with rapture from the sheer beauty.

If I continue to let myself relax and just continue absorbing the energy and just let my mind drift, become one with the display of colors I am open to receiving visions. It could be anything from an emerald green enchanted forest, to floating above the tops of mauve and purple snow caped mountains, or enjoying the tranquility of a mountain stream. Next I could be finding myself soaring like and eagle through through the night air. The canopy of the sky above filled with innumerable stars, then next finding myself amidst tropical plants of every description and color. I can smell the the fragrance of a million different blossoms.

Always when I have these visions I feel a strong oneness with nature, like being in communion with creator and creation. I have seen primordial forests with some species of magnificent giant flowering trees in them that would make the giant red woods look like seedlings in comparison.

Unfortunately not all of my dreams are so tranquil and beautiful. There have been times where I have found myself standing in a strange and ghastly crimson red looking desert. Looking around me and up, paralyzing fear goes through me like a shock wave at the sight the sight I behold. The entire sky around me and above me was burgeoning in bright read yellow and orange flames. The the flames slowly wane and flicker and just died out, everything was moving like a movie in fast forward. The sky was very dark, no stars, an absolute absence of any kind od ambient light. The daylight consisted of a dull grey light like that of late evening.

Cold! There was a relentless bone chilling coldness that penetrated to the core of my being. Next there was like a voice, the inner voice, in my mind that said, take heart, it does not have to end like this, it is your choice as to where you want to plant the seed of hope for your sisters and brothers. There is hope and that hope is through the giving and sharing unconditionally from your own heart to all who will listen and use your light to show others the way.

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