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Friday, 19 April 2013

Click here to CHAT

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  1. Looks like it worked got a whole vacant area here to post in

  2. Hi Sis, I was working on my Queen Boudicca blog and I saw your your Testing on my Reading list - all blogs that I follow and there you were Sis. 29mins ago. I had check to see if you were on facebook a while back but no go. so you have been here. cool sis
    so I just write here? to chat? or to i click on something?

  3. I think the part above where it says Click here to chat needs a link on it. when i put my curor on it i don't get the little hand on my cursor. to click on it. or is this the way it work by just writing comments by chatting? either way is cool sis.
    love you

  4. Hi sis, I sent you the instructions on how I did it, It's just like publishing a blog except you just put the tittle Blog Chat Box and just put testing in the text box and click publish Then look for Blog Cat Box on your page

  5. This is really cool sis. I will get to it after i do the dishes and read your new blog it sounds very interesting. 'The World is Beautiful' I hope that you are doing ok sis. I tried to chat a few times on facebook but i guess you have been busy hear. Please let me know if you need any help with the site and the closing of it or turning it over or what ever you decided remember were sisters
    love you
    Your Sis

  6. OK sis, I'll be here and about. I also have your facebook page oppen and left two messages.

  7. If I don't see your first thing in the morning I just wanted to let you know that you are very much lovedddddddddd!!!! And I loved your Gift last night you are a beautiful person inside and out and i am so lucky to have you as my Sister..
    love you and have a awesome day..
    love you
    Wendy your little sister...hehehe

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Damned typos I could understand my own typing, here goes again
    Yes your avatar was in hiding. Shows ten icons on the page and two hidden where you have to click where it says, above the members list, (Members (12) More »)click on more

    Happy to have you on board sis. :o)

  10. Hi Sis,
    I hope you sis this, I thought I would have a peek at what is going on with the goggle + follower on your front page. I see that you have decided to do those few idea's of mind. Lots great . I did find the problem my dear. if you have a peek at the google +followers and all your people first. 1) then put your curser on the words under it " add to circles" 2) What I found in your - add to circles' which is your google friends and followers is alot of my own in there too! I don't know how they got there but we can work around this.
    3) First i will write down which ones are all my google - followers; Then
    by doing that we will know which ones are then yours. And then I can help you do what you need to do next sis. ( Note. you can delete all of this after we get this all worked out sweets)
    OK. My google - followers are; With small square box by them not marked.
    close friend-32
    Acmma Karata school-15
    interesting people-141
    Interesting 2 - 135
    Friends + Goggle Followers -93
    Gmail friends- 45
    Following -80
    movies & Actors - 17
    music- 16
    google Earth-43
    funny apps-10
    T.V. Shows-15
    Nature- 53
    famous people- 23
    fairy group- 7
    following2- 73
    following3- 70
    following4- 69
    following5- 62
    interesting1- 46

    Those are all my google followers Sis
    under that in lite blue is " Create New Circles"
    this is where I make new circle for my goggle followers.
    Now the problem is How my goggle followers got on your circles?
    I don't know how it happen. You need to delete mind and create your own at the cirlcle at your cirles on your page on goggle plus.
    I hope this helps.
    love you
    your sis