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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

America's Great Indian Leaders - Full Documentary

Hi dearest friends and followers, today I will be sharing with a documentary on the history of some of the great Native American Leaders. Quite interesting but also sad. Thank you from coming and have a thoughtful read, thank you.  
This documentary etches vivid portraits of four extraordinary Native American 
leaders who put superhuman efforts into preserving their way of life, against odds which were, sadly for them, impossible to overcome.

The loss of their cultures was a great loss for human beings, overall.

Among the leaders profiled in this full length film are Crazy Horse, Chief Joseph,
Geronimo, and Quanah Parker.

I believe their stories hold valuable lessons ​for​ all oppressed and widely-outnumbered and outgunned peoples, the world over.

Their stories most certainly apply to us, Americans today, who have had our way
of life sneakily snatched out from under our noses, although the full-blown ​consequences​

of this ongoing event have hardly even
begun to kick in.

​Contemporary Americans will, like the Americans who preceded us, have to face
the vanishing of our world - and in many respects, we already have, whether we
have faced up to this, yet - or not.

Although U S Citizens are out-gunned technologically, not only by exotic weapons beyond our wildest imagination but also by the more prosaic and utterly lethal

genocidal food, medical,"news"/ entertainment establishments and other
institutions, which form a megatsunami or pyroclastic flow (insert your favorite
apocalyptic metaphor here); i.e, a barrage of visible - yet invisible weapons, in
and of themselves, which erode our health and our ability to stand up for
ourselves, daily.

Yet, there are some VITAL and important distinctions in our times which could be
game-changing and transformational.

1) First, as a populace, we are not technically (i.e., on a per-unit basis), "out-gunned" - and by that, I mean "plain old guns".

​ There are far more guns and rounds of ammunition in private hands than there are with the police and military. Don't kid yourself. America is an armed camp.

2) The MUCH more important distinction, this time, is that the law enforcement entities, who may find themselves in situations of enforcing commands, which could easily be characterized as coming from an enemy who is DOMESTIC, an enemy ​against

whom ALL Peace Officers have legally sworn to defend their local populaces Peace Officers will inevitably be forced to become VERY clear about which side of the law on which they choose to stand. Where do you stand? ​Watch this video and decide for yourself​

Video (55 mins):

Thank you for coming  and for watching this video. Any questions thoughts or ideas you may want to share are always welcome here and very much appreciated, thank you
ڰۣ With love from The Fairy Lady ڰۣ

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