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Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Elve's and the Fairies Dance

Hi dear friends and followers, well it's Sunday once again and I have another poem for you.  Since we do not run across many stories and legends about fairy and elves interacting together, I thought this little poem would help to bring the two together.
Just a happy little poem to help cheer you up, and you know who you are, don't worry, be happy 
Have a happy read. 

The Elve's and the Fairies Dance

Aton, the leader sings
Around and around about,
we dance, he chanted,
as the other elves fell in line,
and danced, and danced,
around in a circle they danced.
in the clearing,
A clearing between great oak trees.
In a fairy ring they danced.
Of a sudden, 
a light from above desends.
What do you elves think you are?

Zigi, the queen of fairies,
shrieks angrily at the elves
You should know,
that fairies always lead a fair ring
The elves bowed in respect,
then resumed their marry dance,
beneath the grandfather oak trees. 
Thus we dance, thus we dance,
And thus we sing
Trip and go, to and fro
Over this green,
the fairies flew over head,
holding their lanterns up high, 
to light the way for the elves. 
All about, in and out,
For our brave Queen,
elf and fairy sang in unison.
Invocation to the Fairies
Faster, faster do elf and fairies,
hasten their pace,
circling faster and faster,
until all that could seen was a blur.

A blur of circling lights,
twirling and singing,
at the base of the grandfather oaks,
who swayed side to side,
in rhythm to the beat,
humming along with the elves and fairies,
so they did indeed witness on this night
what no mortal has ever seen.
The old grandfather oaks watched in awe
with their big knotty eyes,
a door open,
and a stream of light there came forth,
with the brilliance of a hundred suns
There the land of the fairies,
and elves lay all in brilliant light energy
like the sky being lit by a thousand rainbows.
A land of true peace, freedom and love,
love so great, they give of themselves,
unconditionally to come here,
with the only intent,
is to heal our ailing mother Gaea

Thank you my dear friends and followers for your interest and participation and you are welcome to share your thoughts and ideas with us, they are welcome and appreciated

ڰۣ With love from The Fairy Lady ڰۣ

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