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Saturday, 16 August 2014

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Hi dear friends and followers. It is Saturday once again, Frizzy Lizzy time. Enjoy

Hi, y'all! Glad to see ya! Have a coffee and set for awhile.

This morning sure started out with a few lumps in it. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one who uses the bathroom around here. I mean, Charley lives here, too, right? So I get up after he's already out of the house, slip my fuzzy slippers on, and head for the bathroom, just like everyone else in the western world. That's a process that doesn't take a whole lot of thinkin' or practice, right? So I do it while I'm still half-asleep.

Until I'm done and reach for the toilet paper. That's when I wake-up because I find out that the cardboard roller is left in the dispenser but that's about it. Now I wouldn't mind if I was the only one who used the potty, or if we lived in a place that used the cardboard rollers for something besides binoculars for young children, but we don't!

I'd say that finding paper there is a reasonable expectation given that the other person who uses the throne is another adult, wouldn't you? Right now I'm so ticked at Charlie that I hope he gets it caught in his zipper next time he goes for a pee!

Now it's my turn for a coffee, thank-yew!

So I read in the newspapers where there are two billionaires, the Koch brothers – what's that? Did I pronounce that name correctly? I checked it out and although you spell it K-O-C-H it sounds like

C-O-K-E. Given what these two dudes want to do it might as well be C-O-C-K because they have in mind to give us all a screwing and let us to pay for the privilege.

They want to de-fund Social Security and give it to their pals in the banking business.

That pretty much shoots our old age security in the ass.

They want to de-fund medicare and take away our health security.

And they want to de-fund Planned Parenthood so that we have more sexually ignorant people making unwanted children and sharing sexually transmitted diseases.
They want to de-fund public education so only the rich will be educated.

They want to de-fund the government's low and middle income housing programs and put broke and working people to live in tents and under bridges.

Of course, they want everyone to have the ability to buy assault rifles! As many of them as they can possibly buy, with lots of ammunition.

What the Hell can possibly go wrong with that plan? 10 years from now there won't be anybody left to complain.

Being thrown back into the stone age might not be such a bad idea. Start over again with people that have hearts.

Thank you dear friends and followers for visiting Frizzy Lizzy.
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