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Thursday, 31 October 2013



My recollection of the first time that I personally witnessed a spectral entity was on the weekend eve of losing my job. Ironically, I was downstairs looking for a job on when, upon ending my session and proceeding to go upstairs I caught a rapidly moving object streak past my field of vision. It was positioned at eye level and moved so quickly I couldn’t make out what it looked like. My cat was also in the room and her head also followed with the object. The stair steps out of the lower level number fifteen but I only heard it stomp up three of them.

Later that week I was terminated from my job, it was a small company. I was the only software engineer, only software installer, only software support person and they didn’t replace me. Gone was my illusion of job security. Do not be alarmed I did find a better job several weeks later.

One night a month after the first incident I was getting ready to get into bed when I noticed a sudden indentation on the comforter. It appeared to be the depth that a cat would make if there was a cat on the bed. I reached for it and it let out a squeak and the indentation went away. I was certain it was one of the cat’s we own, so looked under the bed, looked everywhere in the room, no animals were to be found. I opened the door to the bedroom (carefully watching my feet for a cat zipping by) and went into the family room where all the cats where sitting with the rest of the family while they watch television.

Every night for over a year I would get into bed and feel something jump into my bed next to me. This even happened once while I was on a business trip. I was in San Francisco and was lying on my left side looking at a beautiful view of the bay when it happened again it landed on my bed right next to my stomach. It is one thing when you’re at home and your family is nearby and something odd happens , but when you are far from home it quite another. Oddly, I didn’t rush around and turn on all the lights. I was tired and rolled over figuring it hadn’t done anything to me yet and went to sleep.

My daughter has always hated to be alone in the house because she hears voices when we are gone. I’m not sure this is the house’s fault. None of the other children (two boys) or my wife mentioned anything until one night when I was eating with the family at a local restaurant. For some reason (and to this day I don’t know why) I told them about the thing that hopped into the bed every night. My wife’s face turned white. She said she noticed the same thing every night when she came to be. Something hopped in bed between us.

This pattern continued for a long time. One night while sitting in my bedrooms a bunch of empty boxes started bouncing around like something was in them. I got up and checked the boxes but they were all empty. I was a little exasperated at coming so close to something immaterial yet all it seemed to want to do was scare me. I asked it, ‘What do you want to tell me?’ The only thing that happened was a cheap little waterfall in the room with a tiny Christmas tree light (it was already turned on) that suddenly made a high pitch squeal while the light literally lit up the room.

Now after all of this you would think I would be terrified, actually it was just the opposite. I have noticed a pattern in life where (if you reduce all of the authority figures tactics into one) everyone is trying to scare you. The Catholic Church threatened me with hell, my parents gave me hell, teachers threatened my future and on and on. Now my one chance to make contact with the spirit world and what did it want to do – scare me. I was just sick of it.

All I said was, ‘This is what you’re reduced to – parlor tricks?’
For a long time haunting stopped.

It has been several years but now it is starting up again. My daughter has a daughter of her own and they are both living with us. The both talk about ghosts in the room. I actually called the psychic Helene (I know she is on your show every month) and upon my recanting this story she asked if she could remote view my house. I agreed.

I have to say it was odd sitting in the dark talking to someone on the phone hundreds of miles away who describes what the interior of your home looks like for you. It’s a little creepy. Helene, definitely claimed we have a female ghost. She asked I wanted her to exercise the ghost. I ask her if she was harmful. She said no she actually like you. I didn’t take her up on the offer, I don’t have that many people that like me.

Submitted by Ruppert

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