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Monday, 28 October 2013



My daughter Tasha was born a normal child in all ways. At the time of about four she had an imaginary friend she started to talk with in her room while playing. She called her Amelia. I knew that children would make-up friends while playing. My oldest daughter would make fun of Tasha talking to Amelia. I knew it would be a phase and Amelia would be gone like all imaginary friends, in time. 

As my oldest child went to school, Tasha and I would be home alone. I had to keep my eye on Tasha at only 4 years old as she was into everything. We enjoyed hanging clothes outside on sunny days. One sunny day Tasha was watching cartoons on TV and I decided to hang the clothes with her out back. She had a favorite chair by the TV. We went out to hang the clothes and returned back down the hall to the living room. When we came closer to the TV, I could see a child setting in the chair at a side angle. I thought one of the neighbor kids had came in the front door and took a seat to watch the show, since the kids did come and visit sometimes. When we got closer I froze and dropped my laundry basket… The child had no LEGS sticking out from the chair!! She slowly turned, but I never saw her face, only her hair moving. Then she kind of disappeared like steam from a pot. 

Tasha said "Did you see her Mom?"
"Yes, I did!" I exclaimed, quite frightened.
"That’s Amelia," Tasha said.

I was really afraid for myself and Tasha too. If Amelia was a ghost or evil spirit, I had seen and read enough to know this wasn’t going to end well. Later that day I told Tasha that Amelia had to go to the light, or someplace away from us, I was thinking. She said she would tell her. I hoped that thing was gone. 

The next day I was feeling better, thinking, maybe I really didn’t see anything… just nerves or a glass of bad milk. I was grabbing at straws. At about noon Tasha was playing in her room, and I called her for lunch. Tasha was eating her sandwich and we were talking. I was hoping to forget yesterday. Tasha stopped my thoughts when she said that she told Amelia she had to go away. Shaking, I asked, "What did she answer?"

"Amelia will be STAYING, and she came FROM the light, Mom." Tasha said. 

I couldn’t speak for fear! 

Days, Months and Years have gone by. Now it’s 6 years later, and I never saw the phantom of Amelia again.Tasha slowly stopped talking to Amelia. I think her classmates and society finally got rid of Amelia. At least out in the open.Tasha has the strangest ability to stay away from life’s little bumps in the road. Could it be Amelia is still near her? Tasha is growing up fine with no mental or social problems. But me... I know what I saw and it still makes my hair stand on end.

Submitted by Tracy

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