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Sunday, 27 October 2013




My name is Ashley Charron and I saw your site and thought I would submit my story.

Last year, Columbus Day weekend I was in Keene, NH for a friend's wedding. It was a beautiful weekend and after the reception on Sunday night my friends and I decided to go to a few ‘Haunted Hotspots’ in Keene.. given that it’s October and a few of my friends are curious about paranormal activity we decided to go exploring. I’ve always also been curious about ghosts and spirits and have had a few unexplainable encounters…

However on Sunday night I had a spine chilling experience in the Woodlawn Cemetery outside of the Sumnar Knight Chapel. My friends and I approached the Sumner Knight Chapel and parked the car about 20 Ft. from the Chapel. My friends decided to get out of the car to walk around and explore the Graveyard. My friend Amy and I who were in the backseat of the car decided to roll the window down and just sit back and watch them fail at trying to experience a Ghost or Spiritual encounter.

I gave the boys my camera to take pictures of the Chapel which was very eerie and dark. Inside the car I had my iPhone with the window more than half of the way down, put the flash option on and took a shot in the dark trying to capture what the Sumner Knight Chapel looked like from inside the car… I was planning to mobile upload it later and after I snapped the photograph the following disturbing image is what I captured. I have also attatched a copy of the photograph after having it lightened up by a professional photographer.


Click Image To See Larger Version of Photos

Photo Taken: 10/9/2011 around 12:15 AM

Woodlawn Cemetery, Keene NH. Photograph taken 20 ft. from Sumner Knight Chapel.
©2011 Ashley Marie Charron
Used by permission - Unauthorized reprinting/exhibition prohibited
without written consent of copyright holder

After looking at this more closely, there is no doubt in my mind that this photograph is a once in a lifetime experience. After much discussion and commentary on the photograph almost all who view it not only say that it is disturbing but feel as though the unknown figure looks as if they are knocking on the vehicle. Many believe the figure to look like a small child, a little girl specifically. I decided to see what Google might come up with on the Woodlawn Cemetery and typed it into my search bar, this is what I found via website

“Woodlawn Cemetery Keene New Hampshire - Sumner Knight Chapel - The whole area near the Knight Chapel is a major hotspot. The chapel itself is home to a very unhappy spirit and it’s presence is almost overwhelmingly strong as you get within 15 feet of the Chapel. Near the chapel is the spirit of a little girl who will sneak around and peer from behind trees at you and on voice recorders you can get sounds of a girl giggling. You have to go away from the Chapel to encounter her. Warning, do not curse in front of the Chapel. There is a spirit who will wash your mouth out with soap if you do. Several people have documented the taste of soap in their mouths and others can smell the soap (Similar to Ivory Bar Soap in my opinion) on the breaths of the victims.”

Submitted by Ashley Marie Charron

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