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Wednesday, 30 October 2013



There are dark shadowy figures that roam the halls of my school! I am currently an English teacher and assistant football coach in Georgia. Friday nights are rather late for me. Once I leave the stadium, I have to drive to my campus and enter a supposedly empty school to finish my work with offensive statistics such as touchdowns, yardage, etc. Before I begin, I must briefly describe my classroom set up. My classroom has two doors that lead into hallways. One door is in front of my desk about twenty feet in front of me, and the other door is on my left about twelve feet or so. Both doors have those 6 inch by 30 inch vertical rectangular windows that are pretty standard for classrooms. 

Due to the motion sensors, the hallway lights only come on when someone or something moves in the hallway. After a brief period, they go off again. I have had the same Friday night routine for the last three football seasons and have had no other experiences before this year. However, I did have a very uneasy apprehension about going to the school on this particular night. This is very unusual because the school is in my hometown and I have very fond memories attending high school there.

About a month ago I entered my classroom with the stat sheet from the game. I turned on the computer and some music from the internet. As I am entering information, from the corner of my eye, a dark shadow person moves across the window in the door in front of me, and the hallway light came on! I looked up to see clearly, and nothing. But very clearly, something moved across the window. About ten minutes later, I notice this same dark flash moving quickly across the window in the door to my left. Again, as I looked to my left, there was no sound and it seemed that no one was there. 

The lights come on again. This continued to happen at random times for the next hour or so. Strangely, the later it became, the more uneasy I felt about being there alone in the class. My uneasiness turned into panic when the volume of the music coming from my computer seem to switch from a normal level to very loud. The thought came to my mind that I had to leave...immediately. That is exactly what I did! There have been other Fridays, and I still see the shadow figures going across the window panes in the door, but I haven't felt the dread that I did on that night.

Submitted by Trey Green

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