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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Spirit Beings

Spirit Beings

Hi dear friends this is an accounting about my personal encounter or experience with light beings I wrote some time back. I have no better description of them except as a source of light containing superior intelligence. Thank you for visiting my blog and enjoy the read.

Light beings are spirit beings, or beings fully-evolved to energy form, their evolutionary age is undetermined. Then you have those beings that are sentient and partly corporeal and energy in form, or able to transition from one form to the other. These beings are very ancient and highly evolved. The little ones are also ancient, highly-evolved sentient beings, but still retaining a biological bodies, some call them the greys.

I have seen the light beings not only at night but also in the brightness of day. I love being out in nature, and I love and attract animals and young children. This I am lead to understand is a commonality among empathics. I will come back to the topic on empaths in a later post, if you anyone is interested.

Being empathic in my earlier years of my life didn't help, it alienated me from others who didn't understand. Also sensitive to other peoples’ energies around me and knowing what their inner thoughts and feelings were kind of, let us say unnerved them some. It was these sensitivities to others that made it that much harder to integrating with others in society.

Now this is where in later years the light beings intervened keeping me from the very possibility of ending my physical existence here on earth at a certain point in my life along with other factors I will not get into here. 

I learned from them, the light beings, that they had been sent to tell me, via thoughts manifesting in my mind that weren't my own, like relayed by my own thought processes but not originating from my own mind.  They had come to me to guide me on my journey through life, and they had a reason as to why they needed me to continue to live, and if I remember what they relayed to me, all would be well. 

In order for me to see the path I must follow I was required to do one thing that would be the most crucial endeavor that I would possibly ever undertake in my entire life: I had to find and connect with the my inner self, *she who dwells within.* the true me, not the sham I had been playing out for most of my adult life. She, the inner-self  had been so well suppressed for so many years that I was no longer aware of who my true self was.

I discovered the inner-self  the one who had never been given the opportunity to truly know herself. Then I found that child within is full of life and still remembers the freedom, innocence and vigor of life that once dwelled within and still does. If There is any way I can prevent it, I do not ever wish to loose touch with the inner child. I wish to always be forever young of mind and spirit, allowing the soul to grow brighter each day.

I want to dance in the dreamscape forest with my childhood friends, the tiny light beings, the orbs, and the little soul sparks, that radiate every color of the rainbow. Some would call these the faie people. Oh yes, that is also where you will find the watchers, or messenger guardians, they are somewhat taller than the average man and stand inside an envelope of radiant ovular shaped bright bluish white light.

The rainbows sometime will appear everywhere in the room I am in, they are so beautiful to behold, I could sit in bed for hours looking at the colors on the ceiling alternating to every color of the spectrum of light colors.

Cynthia ©

Thank you very much again, dear friends, for visiting my blog. Please share your thoughts with us, if you will. have a great day. 
ڰۣIn Loving Light from the Fairy Ladyڰۣ

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