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Monday, 14 October 2013

All Posts - To my Blogger friends

This is the place for you, the bloggers, cross-index their blogs, exchange Ideas, make suggestions, and ask questions.  Think of it as the meeting hall for bloggers.

This is where to come to meet and ask and discuss how you would to set up the groups here to reflect your blogs. You can have as many groups as you have blogs, one group for each blog. This facility can serve as a handy  communications center between bloggers. You can go straight to the blogger you want to read and interact with instead of having to sort through 100 or more mails to find that one particular blogger you may be looking for. You may start other discussions here, as many as you need.  There is no limit to discussions.
Suggestions may be left in the comment wall above in the tabs bar.  
Thank you very much for your participation.  I look forward to meeting you.

New Website:   The Forest of Healing.
We welcome you all to visit the site to improve your blog's visibility and communications among fellow bloggers. Cynthia's 

is now 30 strong, please join us in some friendly discussions

@ Bloggers Information Exchange Home

An Invitation to My Fellow Bloggers --- Please Visit My Revised Website and See What's There for you
I will be removing most of the old Groups that are not being used from my Website to make room for new bloggers' groups.  I invite you to check it out and leave me suggestions and messages either here At Bloggers Group Discussion or in the comment wall in the tabs at the top of the page in the website.

You may start a Group about your Blog and use my Website as another means to advertise your Blog and also use it as a Meeting Place with other bloggers on which to exchange thoughts and information with those who follow your Blog and other friends.

The information posted in such discussions will be broadcast each day to all Members of the Website as well as facebook and Google+. All activity of the day is also listed in a daily log available for all Members to see in the left hand column of the home page.

Please feel free to use my Website. There is no charge to use it. and again If you have any questions you can post them to me.

This website deals with a wide range of topics. Discussion forums including short stories, essays, poetry, life experiences, local and global news, the many different areas of sciences, spirituality, holistic healing, the metaphysical, quantum physics, astrophysics, empathy, telepathy, or any other fields of physics as well as the not-so-physical.

You are also welcome to drop by our fantasy groups, a place to come to and relax and let go of the stress from everyday life. Let your imagination go where it may.

Again, welcome to the Bloggers Information Exchange.

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