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Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Dragon's Talisman part 3 page 7 of 8 ~ Total 15 pages

The Dragon's Talisman part 3 page 7 of  8 ~ Total 15 pages

In the midst of all of this action my mind found a few milliseconds to think about what would happen if our mission failed. “If we fail,” I thought, “it will mean that the present time line will continue to its cataclysmic end where the dark force wins, and that outcome is on our shoulders.” “It’s not just one reality that is at stake but many. Many layers of reality will be changed, like a shock waves or ripples on a pond when one drops a stone in it. Many realities that are in themselves like shock waves, or ripples in a pond, this pond being the fabric of time and space itself.”

As if that was not enough to consider, I added this to what was already on my mind: “This possibility of changing so many time lines would also cause many other time lines to be set back into chaotic realities. That is why this mission to the lower reality to acquire the dragon's talisman was so crucial. The talisman had to be brought to the upper reality, my birth home, a dying world that needed to be brought back to the same harmonic vibrations with the lower world and the Fairy world of long ago, even before the giants and the artifacts, tools of the gods as some describe them.” Tears welled up and ran down my cheeks in sadness for my birthplace as I thought.

I arrived at the area of the stone pillar where the entrance to the inner chambers should have been. I knew Jason would be impatiently waiting. Dragon and I flew around in wide circles as we feverishly looked for the entrance to appear. A part of the stone wall just wavered fluidly then disappeared. The entrance to the Dragon's Keep, Jason and I had named it.

Dragon landed lightly on a ledge, lowered her head to the cavern floor, and I slid down her neck to the ground and stepped aside. I put my hand on her scaly forehead. Her huge, glowing ruby eye stared at me with much respect and love. I left her with the thought, “If I should for some reason not able to get back to you and should this compound be breached, use the portal and go back to Fairy world.” If a dragon ever could show emotion I would have to say that I detected sadness in her reply.

Dragon spread her huge leathery wings and let out a screech to emphasize her feelings. Smoke drifted out from her nostrils. Folding her wings she snorted two more puffs of smoke then settled back for the wait. I clasped my hands together, closed my eyes and bowed slightly then turned and left and departed from her presence in to one of the many corridors that branched out from the central core.

I went to the control room where Jason had been waiting for me. I dropped my bag and lance to the stone floor and we embraced for what seemed an eternity. I didn't want it to end. To be in such total harmony with a being other than my Dragon was something that I had not experienced in a very long time. It felt like a few earth lifetimes.

Reluctantly, we disengaged. I stepped back a pace and said, “OK, we have no time to waste.” I updated Jason as to our success in making the intruders back away, reminding him the threat still existed, and that if they want to get in here they will. Reinforcements will return, the number and type of which would depend on just how much the government might think your project is a threat to them,” I informed him.

My feelings were correct. As we got about half-way down the corridor to the control room, we heard a muffled boom, then the entire corridor shook as sand and dust sifted down from the vaulted ceiling.

We entered the control center and made our way to the talisman receptacle part of the huge floor-to-ceiling console. Its array of electronic displays was already blinking like a Christmas tree. I saw the imprint of the talisman embedded in part of the console, but the material from which that receptacle was made was not the same as the rest of the console or any of the other artifacts that lay everywhere in these chambers.

Another muffled rumble and the ground shook once again. I nearly dropped the talisman as I withdrew it from my bag.

When the ground stopped shaking I gave Jason the talisman, held his hand monetarily and said, “May Spirit be with you!”

The ground shuddered again as Jason was about to insert the talisman into its receptacle. He steadied himself and slowly inserted the talisman, then pushed it in the rest of the way into its socket. He closed his eyes tightly and waited.

There was another booming sound followed by loud crashing sounds, sounds like those of large blocks of stone falling to the stone floor. The vibrations were very low at first, I felt like that of many ants crawling on my bare skin.

Jason quickly made his way to another console and pressed several buttons in rapid sequence. A stone wall materialized where the entrance to the control center had once been. “We are completely sealed from the outside.” He turned to inform me, “Now there's half a solid stone pillar between us and them. Let them try to figure out where next to blast. The only problem is that we're stuck in here like mummies in a pyramid.”

The tingling increased and I could actually see tiny ripples in the air around me, like ripples in water when something is vibrating in it. 

Jason!” I pointed to the air in the chamber. “I think it's working!”

Jason took his glasses off to make certain it wasn't his eyes playing tricks or his glasses. He turned to me and exclaimed joyfully, “We did it, my love! We did it!” We danced triumphantly around between the instrument panels. It wasn't long until we heard more booming sounds, but this time further away.

How long before the harmonic vibrations take effect?,” I asked.

“They have already taken effect, my beloved. Once started no one can stop them, even if the destroyed this chamber. Withdrawing the talisman he handed it back to me and said, “you may need this again. The air continued to vibrate and ripple all around us.

The most pressing thing to consider now is what do we want to do with whatever remaining time we have before we run out of breathable air.”

I responded “There is nothing to be concerned about, my dearest prince of light, I have this:” I unsheathed my spear.

But what can you do with that against the stone walls of our confines?,” Jason asked.

Watch,” I said. I raised the lance towards the ceiling and touched the right side of the handle with my right index finger. The air began swirling around us. I put my left arm around Jason. “hang on this will be a little rough.” I informed, almost instantly we were swallowed up into the vortex of a small tornado.

We were spun in the dark, losing all sense of direction.
After what felt like an hour, I landed on the ground rolling then jumped to my feet. I looked around for Jason but could not see him anywhere. I heard someone shouting, “Help!” from above me. That is where I found Jason perched precariously on top of a tree!

I sure wish that whoever invented the reality jump spear would have worked out some of its minor deficiencies better when they made them. Not that there are very many of them; I am the only one so far that I have met that has one of these unique spears.

The fairy people came in parades from everywhere. I recognized some from our party so I was relieved to see that they found their way back. But where was Dragon?

I went up into the tree to help Jason climb down. I had to talk him down. My prince was afraid to fall out of the tree! He joined me at my side and put his arm around me. He was mesmerized by all the beauty of fairy world with its golden sunshine, rainbow colored skies, and beautiful blooming flowers of every hue imaginable!

In the distance there were purple, dark blue, as well orange, green, red mountains and rolling hills. Waterfalls seemed to come out of the sky turn into gently flowing rivers. And the beautiful music of the song birds was like nothing he had ever heard before.

I stood quietly watching the sky as Jason was coming to his senses. He noticed that I had not fared all that well.

What is it it, my beloved?” he whispered in my ear.

Dragon! Dragon! I don't see Dragon anywhere,” I told him. Jason felt a little awkward at not having thought of that. He held me to his side even more tightly and I leaned my head on his shoulder and wept.

From the distance I heard a faint screeching sound. My eyes opened as I stepped away from Jason to look in the direction from where I thought the sound came. A second screech was followed by a third and then more!

As I looked in the direction from where the screeching came I saw a blur, then the shape of a dragon became clear from the blur. Its form grew larger as it got closer. A few minutes passed and then there was no longer any doubt that it was Dragon! She landed next to Jason and I with her large wings outstretched, then folded them. She grunted and two puffs of smoke drifted from her nostrils.

The End ?

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