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Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Dragon's Talisman Part 3 page 6 of 8

The Dragon's Talisman Part 3 page 6 of 8

More gunfire came from within the cavern. I pressed the handle on the spear and another beam of blue light shot out. There was a commotion of sound coming from within. I raised my head to see over the curve of the cavern floor and saw many people milling around with rifles in their hands.
Suddenly they started running towards the entrance. They were charging me with weapons at hand, just as I expected! If I made it to this point and was still alive my plan was to get them to chase me through the woods. I was on my feet and half-way across the clearing when I slowed and turned to look back. They had just left the entrance to the cavern and started their ways across the savanna-like clearing. I slowed my pace some to make sure they would not lose me.

I entered back into the forest exactly where I had emerged earlier. I changed my course from due south to east, halted here and there to shake a bush, just loud enough for them to hear so they would follow. I heard a gun shot behind me and I stepped up my pace so that to an onlooker all they would see is a blur. 

A quick right turn and a push in the right place caused a large cypress to begin to fall towards the mob that followed me. A second later it was followed by a few cries of , “OK.” “The tree trick got a couple of customers,” I thought, smiling as I kept running. “Now,” I thought as I gathered an extra burst of speed. I leaped into the air and found myself airborne sailing over where the twine would be.

I hit the ground running and sent a message out to Dragon. I heard several crashing sounds coming from behind me. I flattened myself to the ground when I heard several stray gunshots. “That will teach them to run around the bush with loaded rifles cocked and ready to fire,” I thought wryly. 

I heard a few moans coming from the area behind me. Then Dragon arrived. She messaged to me asking if I was out of danger. I sent back, “Yes.” 

Dragon circled around once then set to work. The night sky lit up again as Dragon flamed-on. I was quite sure that I hadn’t given her warning prior to this about not harming any one. Dragon would be having human fried steak for supper. 

The whole crew that had been in that encampment were all accounted for, some a little more worse for wear but in one piece. They sat cross legged in a semi circle around a small campfire that Dragon helped arrange for me.

I paced back and forth before the campfire, lance in hand. “It is my suggestion that it would be much better for your health that you go to the east from here. It will take you out to a dirt road past a few farms and on to the highway.” “Leave right now and please make sure that you don’t return, I won’t be responsible for what she will do,” I pointed to Dragon who was only a few paces behind me, attentively watching all proceedings. 

After they had all entered the forest the next phase of the operations took place. The agents were constantly being pelted by unknown missiles from above. One didn’t dare look up for fear of losing an eye. The fairy people flew low to the tops of the trees to stay out of sight and at the same time collect a supply of ammunition. The agents kept moving, reluctantly at that. 

“To fight our way back through that is just a bit insane,” one male agent told his female counterpart, whom he held tightly with his arm trying to shield her from the killer walnuts. Upon seeing them the fairies ceased immediately bombarding them with walnuts and continued following along peacefully with the rest of the agents out of the woods and onto the dirt road.

The fairy people left, flying back towards the Pillar to

rendezvous with Dragon and I. This would not stop them for long, come morning the skies would be covered with helicopters. I just prayed it would be enough time to deliver the talisman to its receptacle, and reverse endangering of ancient unknown artifacts. It was a gamble they would have to take.

If we fail it will mean that the present time line will continue to its cataclysmic end where the dark force wins. It’s not just one reality that is at stake but many. Many layers of reality will be changed, like a shock wave.

Writen by me, To Be Continued

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