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Monday, 27 January 2014

Agathar, Part 10

Agathar part 1

I dreamed of being a little kid again on a planet that was named Agathar.
With beautiful mauve valleys, purple mountains and a subtle wispy lavender sky interspersed with puffy pink clouds. And, “oh my!”, so very strikingly beautiful, an aqua-colored lake with wavelets like a gem sparkling in the sunlight.

"Oh my!" There are other little children here, and they have "dragonfly wings" "WOW! cool!" I can see them flitting playfully between the purple trees.

There is harmony, peace, love, and tranquility throughout the land, the silence and peace only broken by the beautiful chorus of tiny song birds in the valley and the playful, musical laughter of the little children in the woods yonder.

The little children with the dragonfly wings dart playfully in and out, and,” oh wow!” “Will you look over there, I point with my finger excitedly!” On the other side of the valley lies the tranquil lavender surface of a large inland sea, with different layers of densities of water, a reaction similar to that of oil and water. In te different layer swam different varieties of aquatic life forms.

The ones near the surface swam through their fluid environment on wing like fins, as any bird would gliding gracefully in their airy environment.

Forests of purple and blue are bordered by sun dappled fields of dazzling shades of red, gold, orange, silver blue, amethyst, constantly shifting colors like waves on water by the light, warm summery breeze..
The lakes and waterway from above appear as a ruddy red reflection from the pomegranate sun sitting at high noon above.

Distant purple mountains and lavender sky with pink clouds are so pleasant to the eye and soothing to the spirit. Oh, and I can't forget the crystalline singing waterfalls in the woods, “over there by the giant tree,” I hear the sound like that of a thousand angels singing harmoniously, in with the energetic pulse of the Mother Planet herself.

All around the valley there are more of those giant trees, SO TALL that I fall on my back “aghast”while as I look up in the sky! The tops disappear into the pink clouds above and if one was to climb up to the top of these giant trees, above the clouds, it is said that you will find the Cadosee, the tiny Hobbit-like people with colorful moth wings.

The Cadosee live in small, close-knit villages they built among the intertwining limbs of the giant trees. There they share love, caring, and happiness.

Tiered from my journey through a wonderland of beauty and wonderment I lay down on the soft grass on a side hill facing the inland sea, the sigh of the wind and rushing of the waves and soon I was a sleep

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Agathar, Part 10

As their mount banked sharply to the right towards the land, Jansen was prepared for it this time. She remained in control in her saddle as their mount continued in a sideways gliding motion. She and Jeji felt a tilt to Jeji’s right and each slid to counter the turn in their saddle. They returned to their upright, center positions again and the great winged beast resumed the rhythmic beat of her wings as the land ahead grew larger on the horizon.

“It seems like Atlantis rising from its depths,” Jansen thought. “I have accumulated many mental images in my mind as to what the magnificent Atlantis may have looked like before she sank under the ocean waves, but this ahead of us surpassed anything I could have imagined.” 

All around the tree line of the island was a glow with subtle light streamers of many different colors, similar to the aurora borealis, except this light source was coming from the ground, not the sky.

As they flew above the large trees that lay beneath them Jansen could smell several aromas from the multi-colored blooms that carpeted the forest floor below. She could see the purple, blue and violet, depending on the distance. The colors here were very much in a constant flux of hues.
And then she thought of the lavender sky above with the wispy pink clouds. As she looked up to verify her thoughts, she shivered within. “This is almost like having memories of already having been here before. And I didn't even know this planet existed until I crash landed on it,” she mused.

The sky where she had come from was just an ordinary blue like on her home planet, Jansen thought. It was like two different worlds on the same planet. This one, for some reason, felt like she had been here before. But back where the Cadose live, she had not felt like that there. Is this prescience, she asked herself for lack of any other explanation.

The only difference she could think of was the flora that she had been able to see while in-flight that were native to this small continent, comparable to Earth standard, which would be roughly the size of Australia. It was surrounded by thousands of miles of sea from its closest neighboring land masses.

As Jeji said, “The peoples of the other lands were happy in their land they did not have any need or desire to raid their neighbor’s lands when they traded as equals. That didn't mean that some of the citizens from one land could not unite with others from another land. The merging of the two made for a stronger alliance among the peoples of other lands. But seldom would one want to move to another land on a permanent basis. As visitors, all were equal.”

Their steed flipped forward and down, nearly straight down, building up a tremendous speed as the air rushed past Jeji and Jansen. Jansen could see the ground rush at them then with two great flaps of her wings their mount straightened and landed softly upon the ground next to a river, or what Jasen thought was a river.

Everywhere was vibrant color not so much reflected by the sun as more like glowing. Everything in this land had a glow of its own, an innate energy glow each with its own personal color.

Even the river flowed in different currents of color for here in this world water had many different densities so that one layer sat upon the other, each glowing in its own vibrant color.

Their mount folded her great feathery wings and twitched her long feathered tail then looked at Jansen directly in the eyes. Her large pink eyes blinked three times in succession then she remained very still with her steady gaze still upon Jansen.

Feeling uneasy, Jensen called to Jeji, "Hey, Jeji, what do you think about your friend over there?" she pointed a little nervously towards the dragon. "Is she fixing to eat me for lunch or something?" Jeji just winked in response. "OK, Jeji, stop kidding with me and tell me truly, does your friend, the dragon, plan on eating me for lunch?” she asked again.

"Oh, no worry, Ms. Jansen, no problem. She just studying you is all,” Jeji responded with a smile and handed her some fruit from a bag. Jansen ate hungrily then went down by the river for a drink. When she arrived at the water’s edge she just stood there, dumbfounded.

Jansen turned to Jeji and asked with a quizzical look on her face, “What are you supposed to do with this stuff, breathe it or drink it?" Jeji turned and smiled again and made a motion with her arms indicating that she should jump in and go for a swim.

"Swim in what?" Jansen questioned back, a bit perplexed, slapping her arms loosely to her sides. Jeji tied the bag then got up and ran towards Jansen, grabbing her hand as she ran by.

Jansen had not anticipated the suddenness of the event that was about to unfold and she was drawn along into the river just by sheer momentum. There was no splash, just a thick dampness that felt much like floating in a cloud. Jansen then open her eyes to witness a sight like she had never seen anywhere else at any time before in her life.

She floated there in the vapor-like layer and was stunned by all the luminescent colors that radiated up to the surface from the floral life forms at the bottom. Jeji waved for her to follow, and they swam towards the bottom. Each layer down was denser than the last.

Jeji took a deep breath and signaled for Jansen to do the same. She did, and continued down towards the bottom. At the bottom she found that she was swimming in Earth-like waters. She was about to pick one of the plants on a ledge that glowed every color in the spectrum of visible light but was stopped abruptly by Jeji, who pulled gently on her right arm and pointed to the surface.

She looked back to the ledge then back again her long hair floating around her then she began to swim up wards to the surface. She found herself again feeling like she was floating in a thick fog then she felt the shore beneath her feet and they walked the rest of the way from the least dense surface layer .

Jansen stopped for a moment to look back at the phosphorescent waters, mesmerized by them. Her attention was suddenly diverted to the tree tops, from where came a sound like a thousand singing angels. She looked up with her hand over her eyes in the hopes it would help her to see better what was up in the trees. "Kafans!" Jeji, shouted then nodded her head and smiled. "Birds!” she said pointing up into the trees.

"Ah, I see," Jansen responded. “At least now it lowers the number of whatever it could have been to one particular species,” she thought, and looked again then back to Jeji, her arms spread in bewilderment.

"Right there." Jeji pointed. “Hard to see because they are almost invisible; blend right in with the background.”

Then Jansen saw it, fleetingly, for a second, where she again had to readjust her vision. “They looked much like our Earth peacocks, very beautiful," she declared to Jeji.

Jeji seemed a bit uncomfortable or anxious about continuing on their journey. “We must go now,” she said as she bent down to pick up the sacks. This time it was Jansen who put her hand on Jeji's shoulder. Jeji stopped in her tracks and turned to Jansen. Jansen had been right, she could definitely detect some restlessness.

"What's up Jeji" she asked.

“This place is a bad place to be after dark; beings from the depths,” is all she would say as she slung the bags over the dragon’s neck then proceeded to cinch them down. Climbing up the dragon's neck she sat in her saddle.

Jansen wasn't very far behind. She had no inclinations of finding out what came out of the depth of the river after dark, and the sun had just set.

Their mount got up on its two hind legs and spread its great wings, and after a long ear-piercing screech they felt themselves surging forward. The dragon beat her great wings faster and faster, then there was a lurch that caused Jansen’s stomach to do a flip, and they were over the tree tops once again.

The scented evening air rushing past Jansen’s face gave her the sensation of pure freedom once more. Closing her eyes allowed that one thought to occupy her entire mind.

There were millions of stars in the clear sky above. "Oh, wow!" Jansen yelled in wonderment. Jeji turned to look at her and saw her pointing in a direction to their left. This night was too beautiful to escape the notice of even a seasoned traveler like Jansen.

A large galaxy loomed like a half moon over the horizon, she could see it so clearly that she could make out the fine details of the swirling dust nebulas and stars. After the galaxy had cleared the horizon two other celestial bodies followed in its place. Two very large moons, one slightly smaller than the other, arose. One was a pale brown color, the other a pale purple. She shook her head and said to Jeji, "This place never ceases to come up with surprises,"

Jeji began to laugh and for a bit I was worried she would fall off her saddle, but she was secured-in. Finally she stopped laughing then looked at Jansen. “Your face, you just looked so funny like you had just seen a ghost riding across the heavens in a chariot pulled by six unicorns. Or was that reindeer and elves and a sleigh?" she said raising her left eyebrow. “I always get my Earth mythologies mixed-up, but I must admit a lot of them are where fiction becomes reality.”

Jansen felt the dragon bank to the left. She could hear the creaking of the harnesses as their great mount strained to maintain their degree of descent at a steady pace, for it is not unusual for a distracted dragon to land on its chin.

The dragon leveled and glided gently. The only sound Jansen could hear was the air rushing past her ears. Her hair fluttered in the wind and again she closed her eyes and felt ecstasy once more. “If this is the feeling that is called ‘the call of the wild’, it would not surprise me,” she dreamed.

"Enraptured into the spirit of nature. That's what it felt like to me," Jansen said to Jeji. Jeji smiled then announced, "We are here, Captain." She turned forward again.

There was a large platform made of poles all around the upper part of the tree. The dragon landed on the platform with a thump. She thought to herself, “It's a good thing I didn't have my chin close to something. I might be missing some teeth!”

Jansen was not expecting to see what she saw next: the little children with the dragon fly wings!


Agathar, Part 11

Jansen was not expecting to see what she saw next:

the little children with the dragonfly wings!

Jansen and Jeji were escorted through an aperture in a large tree by one of the dragonfly-winged children. The tree was not as big a tree as the ones the Cadose live in but it was big enough to contain a community of the children with dragonfly wings. “They look a lot like the fairy folk my friend from my university days told me about,” Jansen thought, “but these are of a childlike appearance and movement.”

Their child-guide brought them to a large room, a room that contained a long table with many chairs around it, where they were seated. One of the little ones half-jumped and flew up on a chair at the end of the table and introductions followed. Their host was a dragonfly-winged girl with brown eyes and hair whose name was Yanina.

“The winged children sound highly intelligent and wise, much the same as the fairy folk who were described to me,” Jansen thought.

She was mesmerized by the beauty and innocent appearance of these child-like beings. But it was obvious that they should not be mistaken for mere children as they had an intelligence level she believed to be equal to or possibly a few levels above her own. The way they lived was the way they chose to live and they didn't appear to have any interest in changing their normal, natural life patterns any time soon.

After her welcoming remarks Yanina asked
everyone present to welcome their guests. Antana, the speaker who had just finished her greetings, sat back in her chair and thought, “I can't remember the last time we had visitors from outside of Moro. The last time I had heard of any strangers from another land was in some stories from the elders.” They were elders only by years and not appearance as aging did not exist in Moro.

Antana remembered clearly now, the stories the elders told about beings that came down in light, big light, with much thunder. They emphasized the thunder.

The beings from the first big lights were not nice beings. But another light came down to the ground and there ensued much noise, bright flashes of light, and thunderclaps, until those who landed with the first lights from the heavens finally left.

The being from the second light were, according to the elders, peace makers and peace keepers. This is what had been told to Antana.

The telling of these stories by her people was, for as long as she could remember, a part of a special occasion as well as a pillar of their educational system. They were celebrated in a kind of ceremonial way with the ceremonial fire, music and dancers pantomiming the story.

After a simple but tasty meal, Jansen stepped out onto the platform and, leaning her two arms on the railing, looked down. “At least this is a little closer to the ground,” she thought. She couldn't help but feel acrophobic just going near the railings on the Cadose platforms. Actually it was a mix of feeling both acrophobia and vertigo, a strange pair of ailments for a rocket jockey.

“From here I can see what I would land on if I fell from here. That makes me feel a little better. A few of my bones might make it intact,” Jansen thought, when she felt something brush by her that nearly caused her to jump over the railing.

Antana landed agilely next to her at the platform railing, bowed slightly, smiled then said, "It is a beautiful evening with the bright stars, and Quintari ( the spiral galaxy) just coming over the horizon.” Antana pointed to the five-armed spiral as Jansen looked up. "Yes that is just so stunningly beautiful, I must admit that I have not seen anything anywhere else to come close in comparison to the entrancing beauty of this world. It is so peaceful and unspoiled," Jansen replied, her true emotions showing.

Antana noded then went on “First I must tell you a story then I will tell you more about Moro," Antana said. Then she proceeded to tell Jansen about the ceremonial stories:

"This land is now as it was from the time our Great Mother, who made all the stars, gave it to us for our home. We care and tend the great mothers gift to us, we are the keepers of our gardens and our gardens supply us with what we need. We are not in need of anything else," Antana finished and smiled the childish smile common to a youngster’s face.

“Hers is a face that shows much wisdom with eyes containing such a deep mystery as the cosmos itself,” Jansen thought. Shivers went down here spine as she thought of the possibility that she could be looking at a being more ancient than she could possibly know, one whose age has been lost in the annals of time.

Jansen asked, “Tell me Antana, do you have any idea how old you are? Like how many passages of the seasons have you seen?"

Antana looked at Jansen quizzically. She leaned her head to the left and looked up as through searching for the answer in the sky. She squinted her eyes then opened them and said, “As far back as when the hill over there was a mountain,” she said to Jansen as she hovered up and over the railing and pointed at the hill whose top just cleared the surrounding trees. Big trees, but not Cadose-size trees.

"Do you wish to go there? That is where the singing fountain is." Antana invited her.

"How will I get there?" Jansen asked. Antana hovered before her and crossed her arms then pointed behind her and the shaggy dragon perched on a large limb just above them.

Jansen responded, "I don't think so, Antana. Jeji said she was retiring early tonight. She was exhausted from all the dragon piloting or whatever one would call it. You know, the mind-to-mind thing,” Jensen pointed to her head and Antana's head.

"That's alright," said Antana, again hovering in the air in front of Jansen, with her arms crossed and smiling. “You can do it, you know how to do it. You are just not aware of it yet. It's instinct not just telepathy,” Antana said, both assuring and encouraging Jansen

"I don't know about this, Antana. You appear to have more confidence in me than I have in myself when it comes to heights. Of course you don't have to worry about that. You have wings. In an enclosure where I am in control, like on my ship, the QLPJ, that's different. I feel more secure. No enclosure around a dragon and no controls makes me feel uneasy, and queezy over the altitude,” Jansen finished.

"It's not confidence I feel, it's instinct, and you are in control, you and the beast become one mind!" Antana reveled.

"OK, but if I break my neck I'll be very upset, and someone will be upset with me because I could have hurt their dragon as well."

"She is your dragon, Jansen. She was picked for you," Antana announced.

Jansen almost choked then breathed and asked," Picked for me? How did anyone on this planet know I was coming and who I am supposed to be according to your analysis?"

"The energy bed where you healed; the healing beds are connected to that interplanetary living grid work. The Cadose legends described a ship that is identical in description to yours. In the legends it also crashed in the same area where yours did. Through the natural psychic grid that connects the consciousness of all living things on this planet, the psychic grid knowledge is passed on or shared almost instantaneously, like telepathy as you call it. And that is all the instrument panel and controls you need for the dragon.”

“But that still doesn’t explain everything to my satisfaction,” said Jansen, in a somewhat meek tone.

Jansen slid onto the back of the dragon and slowly put her feet into the stirrups as she tied herself into the woven saddle. The dragon turned to look at her with large pink eyes. She made a loud mewling sound but no other indication except for possibly a little irritation as her back shivered Jansen’s weight.

"OK Teddy, everything is fine. We're just going to go exercise those wings of yours for a bit. Do you mind?" said Jansen as she thought aloud.

Teddy responded with a loud screech then turned and jumped while unfolding her wings. She flapped them once as she came just a meter from hitting the ground, then she flapped lazily again once more taking them up to about a four meters off the ground, then back down again until she decided to flap her wings once more.

Jansen was in mortal fear by this time. She closed her eyes and just gritted her teeth in expectation when she saw a very large tree coming at them. Something crashed into her and, even though she was tied into the saddle, nearly knocked her out of it.

She felt a straight upwards surge and the speeding-up of the large wing beats when she decided to open her eyes and found herself spewing leaves from her mouth and picking twigs and leaves out of her blouse.

Looking up she saw a very large branch coming right at her, a branch so large that she swore to herself that it must have been a tree trunk bigger than a California redwood. This time she flattened herself forward against Teddy's back and held her neck with two hands at the same time doing all she could to send a mental image of where she would like to see Teddy go.

She felt more tree branches whipping at her back and sides then nothing, just the whistling of the air in her ears. She opened her eyes and looked. “You did it, Teddy!” she shouted excitedly and patted her dragon’s neck with her right hand.

They flew smoothly and peacefully towards the hill, than banked to the left and flew around the hill in a circle. Scouting was always the smart thing to do on any planet, she thought. Then I saw the meeting place that Antna had described to her.

Teddy hit the ground at a trot raising a small trail of dust behind them. Jansen sat, absorbed by the scene before her, the moutain top was surrounded by billions of briliant stars of every color imaginable.

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