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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Frizzy Lizzy here, welcome to my nightmare

Hi dear friends and followers, once again it is Saturday, Frizzy Lizzy day. Please do come in.

Hi peeps, Frizzy Lizzy here, welcome to my nightmare 
Frizzy Lizzy turns toward a loud noise coming from the next room which knocked the clock off the wall and fell bouncing off Lizzy's head and landed on her lap as she sat up in bed with a start. "What the..." she looks a little dazedly down at the hour and second hand racing around the clock on her lap, till she heard a loud twang then it stopped. She yells back towards the sound in the next room, “Hello! Who ever you are, make yourself at home!

“Now who in the hell could that be?” It's not Charley he is not supposed to be back until later this afternoon. She mutters under her voice. It had better not be my cousin, Vinnie from Philadelphia. He's' still got six more months in jail before he gets out!"

Frizzy says, “I'll be right with you, make yourself at home!” and she mutters to herself, “if there's anything left to the place."

"My proper response to 'good morning' is 'if this is good I'd hate to see what a bad morning is'.

Frizzy reaches down for her slippers, holding her sore back with the left hand. "I may be able to still rise and shine but who ever said they have to both be done a the same time, huh?," Frizzy says slightly perturbed by her reduced movements in the mornings.

"Speaking of movements, I don't remember the last time I went. I think my movements have taken a vacation and forgot to write home.".

"You know what's funny about human nature is everyone new you meet seems normal on the exterior until you open the bottle of questionable age of the contents within." Frizzy takes a quick look around, unscrews the lid and takes a good stiff shot, then twists the lid back on and replaces the bottle where she got it. I do believe I'm going to need that right about now. Taking the cream out for her coffee she once again closes the fridge door.

Just about as Frizzy was about to pour herself a coffee, another loud noise that shook the house this time caused her to spill the hot coffee on her skippered foot, while she's dancing around on one foot while holding the other Vinnie laughed in the doorway. Frizzy turns on the tunes on the radio that's sitting up on a shelf in the kitchen as loud as it would go. She then sits down in her rocker, sagging down into the soft cushions, one leg draped over the right arm of the rocker trying to relax and ignore Vinnie. She holds up her coffee with the right hand; pinkie finger sticking out she makes motions to the beat of the music streaming out of the small kitchen radio.

Finally she spoke to him. "So it's you, 'Vinnie! After all these years and all I had to do was say 'Up jumped the devil!', and there you were, ready to make a mess of my house and life. How long do you think I can tolerate ya for this time, Vinnie? A day? An hour? 10 minutes? It's your choice until it runs afoul of me, understand? Cross me deeply enough and yer gone from here."

Vinnie backed away like a good spirit and took his place near the stove, where, in an attempt to impress her he made water boil without a flame in sight. “Pretty neat stuff, eh, Aunt Lizzy?”

“Neat stuff yer ass, ya snip!, Frizzy shot back, thus effectively stopping his conversation.

You can take that two-bit poltergeist stuff and put it where the sun don't shine. I have real people coming here and they won't want to even see you dressed as a clown juggling lit dynamite and running chain saws; my advice is for you to take all of your “goth and graveyard stuff and find another place where it will be taken for a mode of play."

"So I am telling you to get out, Vinny. Now. You and Carlo, the both of you, get gone and don't bother to come back. The times and places for you to roam are far briefer and so much smaller I don't need you two 8-balls ruining my life so go away!

Knowing 100% that they are not wanted, Vinnie and Carlo departed quietly and the radio returned to Frizzy;s favorite radio station.

“They're good kids at heart but when they want to be a pain-in-the-ass, they sure know how to do that, lo!

Just as Frizzy had just made herself comfortable in her rocker when Charlie walked through the front door slamming it hard enough to knock a picture off the wall.

Frizzy winces at the sound of glass shattering. "I wonder if any of the magic has rubbed off on Charley... Oh, Charley, did all go well with you today?" She asks tentatively.

"It sure did, and I never felt more energetic or capable of work!" Frizzy has to sit a moment to absorb the latest news.

They chat a bit about the day and their passing guests and then the conversation gets down to the day's work. Charlie is sure-footed, confident, and full of plausible ideas so Lizzy helps him turn to his work.

As for her part, she stays in earshot of her guy, to be there if he needs her, and always preparing the kitchen for what might one nice supper to remember.

Frizzy seems to be working fine and she waves to us from the window over the kitchen sink that all is as it should be. “Have a wonderful day, Lizzy, and don't let the poltergeists get you 

Thank you dear friend and followers thank you for dropping in to visit Frizzy Lizzy. Please feel free to share your funny bone with us, thank you

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